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In the current era of media revolution movies, cartoons, animations, games have a big impact on human mind and are controlling what we are doing and where we are heading towards. All the media gimmicks start from a very early age where a child even before starts to speak is attracted towards TV and mobile screens. All this comes with a big threat as media is all about content that is being presented. Those who are liberal and not concerned about human values for them it is does not matter what they see and what they learn as they do not believe in accountability in the end. But those who follow divine religion and even others who believe in morality, justice and fairness it is critical for them to know what is the content which they and their families are digesting day and night. Can we consider everything being screened on TV and everything present on Internet as correct, beneficial and not harmful?

We do not say and cannot say that every content is bad and harmful and when proven harmful also from what perspective it is harmful. Like today websites like IMDB gives parent advisory for every movie, cartoon content but this is only to show if there is sexual content, profanity, violence, drugs, alcohol but does not guides the parents if this movie has liberal thinking, inhuman values, immorality, islamophobia, defamation of faith, culture and religions. Hence, we need a methodology by which we can observe what is happening on content media and then warn about the threats present inside content so that we ourselves are careful and take special care for our children to not watch or censure certain parts of content.

This is what “Naazir” is all about. It is an observation project whereby we are creating a threatful content collection with proper description on what this content has in terms of its target. The project as it moves forward is primarily targeted to take into classic content and fresh content coming in the market rather than digging in past for old content which generally people don’t watch more.

We have taken special care in this project to dispose as much information though in limited form for the readers to understand why this content has a threat and also have linked certain trailers and videos, but those trailers with obscene content we are not linking. “Naazir” is a crowd sourcing project where we want sensible people who have the sense about this matter to become part of this. They can register and start to post information about threatful content and our moderators will view those and post. If you cannot do that and are just concerned to know about certain content which could be movies, cartoons and even games which your children are watching; just post us on “Investigate” the title and small description for us to look for that title and our volunteers will do that work.

And do not miss our “Articles” section which is a collection of intellectual write ups relevant to this subject address general issues and solutions.

At the end we want to build a force to confront the media and eventually come up with alternative media for our generations. This can all happen if we together become a nation, join hands and put up this struggle. We look forward for your cooperation in whichever manner for us to build this team to accelerate this project and go to our subsequent phases.

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