Bhabiji Ghar par hai

Year : 2015

Post Marital seduction towards wives of neighbors

Category : TV Serial/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : Liberalism/ Sex & Lust/

A TV Siticom with 1120+ shows as of June 2019. The show has the highest TRP and top ranking due to its comedy theme. The show is casted on “&TV” a channel by Zee Entertainment. The show takes place in the fictional “Modern Colony” in Kanpur. It revolves around two neighbouring couples.

Both the husbands are fed up with their respective marriages and are smitten by each other’s wives. Tiwari is a successful undergarment businessman, whose wife Angoori is a simple and naive housewife. Their neighbor used to be an unsuccessful insurance agent and is now unemployed who spends most of his time doing household chores. On the other hand, his wife Anita is a headstrong, smart and modern day lady who runs grooming classes. She is the breadwinner of the family and despises her husband’s unemployment and sheer laziness. Their houses are in opposite direction across the street.

The real theme in every episode is where both the men devise schemes to impress each other’s wives, they pull each other down and in-turn, create problematic situations for everybody else. Both husbands show seducing behavior in every episode towards the wife of others. The entire drama normalizes a desire to have post marital affair with married woman of neighbor.

“Bhabhi” (brothers wife) has always been considered as a sacred relation even in Hindu culture and in Islam young brothers of husband needs to be distanced. Both the husbands dream about having romance (which though not shown explicitly is lustful attraction) with other’s wife. They dream about other’s wife with romance and dancing. Since the entire drama is comedy, entire family watches the drama as comedy but do not realize how seductive culture is getting induced through such series. It is definitely a NOT TO WATCH drama for Muslims as this normalizes lustful intentions towards someone else’s wife and indirect promotion. India has removed the law for married woman adultery and such kind of serials are developing seduction towards other married woman which normalizes such evils.

URL : Trailer that shows high degree of illicit seduction
Keywords : Post Marital Affairs, Seduction, Lust
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