Margarita with a straw

Year : 2014

Promotion of Sexual culture, LGBT (Lesbian) with Muslim girl involved

Category : Movie/
Language : English/ Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : LGBT/ Sex & Lust/

Laila is a teenager with cerebral palsy, studying at Delhi University. She is an aspiring writer and also composes music for an indie band at the university. Laila develops feelings for the lead singer, but is heartbroken when she is rejected. Moving on from the experience, Laila is overjoyed to receive a scholarship for a semester’s study at New York University.

Despite her father’s reservations, she moves to Greenwich Village, Manhattan with her orthodox Maharashtrian mother Shubhangini. Laila meets an attractive young man named Jared, who is assigned to help her in the creative writing class. She also meets a young activist, Khanum (Gupta), a blind girl of Pakistani-Bangladeshi descent, with whom she falls in love.

Laila is enamored by Khanum’s fiercely independent personality and her positive perspective towards her own disability. The two spend most of their time together, filling in as each other’s caregivers. Laila is shown despite of being disabled as bisexual, watching porn movies and masturbating, and then into Lesbian act with a Pakistani Muslim Girl.

The movie pretends to show the struggle of a disabled girl but again this struggle becomes sex centric and gives a strong promotion of sexual culture and gradually moves into LGBT. In simple words, the movie presents that whether you are fit or disabled, you should explore all possible ways of sexual satisfaction. The movie undoubtedly has won several awards which is quite common for such stuff which is directly anti Islamic culture promotion.

URL : Trailer is not linked as it contains sexual content
Keywords : Lesbianism, LGBT, Sexual culture, nudity
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