Aladdin Movie (2019 Remake)

Year : 2019

Islamophobia through barbarism is promoted

Category : Children/ Movie/
Language : English/
Production : Disney/
Target : Islamophobia/ Sex & Lust/

Disney’s popular live-action remake of its classic animated film “Aladdin is actually “rooted in racism, Orientalism and Islamophobia.” CAIR in America says it is especially bad to release such a movie “during the Trump era of rapidly rising anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and racist animus.” That “only serves to normalize stereotyping and to marginalize minority communities,” the organization claims.

The overall setting, tone and character development in the ‘Aladdin’ story continues to promote stereotypes, resulting in a perpetuation of Islamophobic ideas and images. We urge the public and film critics to scrutinize the new production of ‘Aladdin’ in light of its historical context and today’s toxic environment for all minority communities.”

The movie shows a place Agrabah which directly is not presented as a muslim country but names of characters and Arab and Indian casting used depicts the same. The vile stereotypes that attach to and emanate from an imagined “barbaric” region where “they will cut off your ear if they don’t like your face”.

The inhabitants of this place are as the mirror opposite of everything modern, liberal, and Western. Agrabah is the Orient, plain and simple, in cartoon form. Disney has taken care to avoid high degree of sexual exposure which they did in their animation version, where they exposed the bellies and seducing scene. In the remake film version, there is one scene of kissing and romance on the carpet and the cleavage of actress are shown. Again the film is Jasmine centric which means the element of love (lust) is in the foreground. With such high quality of special effects, children attractive content, it is difficult to keep children away from watching this movie and then what comes after this are the merchandise business. So if you make something that would magnetize kid, and then you present barbaric message indirectly signaling it towards Arab, Orientialist then this is Islamophobia

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Keywords : Violence, Islamophobia, Profane actions against Muslims
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