Year : 2000

Several dimensions for destruction of child character

Category : Animation/ Children/
Language : English/
Production : Nickelodeon/
Target : Child Adulteration/ Profanity/ Sex & Lust/

In the cartoon, SpongeBob the sea sponge dwells with his underwater neighbors in the deep-sea town of Bikini Bottom (living under water, which means something wet, and the name Bikini Bottom (makes it sound lusty). As per one research theory which we can precisely looked upon seems sensible that all these characters in Spongebob represent something related to woman private parts. SpongeBob’s house looks like a giant pineapple and his closest acquaintances include his best friend Patrick the Starfish, Sandy Cheeks the squirrel, and his co-worker Squidward. SpongeBob works as a fry cook at a fast food shop called the Krusty Krab.

Within highly imaginative storylines, the show’s humor centers around silly situations in the daily life of the very childlike main character, SpongeBob. Most of his amusing escapades also involve his very dim-witted best pal, Patrick.

The series also has a communist and socialist approach at instances and sexual inferences are quite common.

SpongeBob is based on certain characters centered around SpongeBob the main cast. These characters are representing certain evil traits present within human being. Though the cartoon claims to be meant for 6 to 11 yrs children, but this is watched more by teenagers, college students and was played late at night also, due to mature pranks and double meaning visuals, dialogues. This cartoon definitely is no go for cautious and religious people for their children. Based on certain analysis done by researchers and then taking a review on those, we have also concluded that the main character in this series represent evil, negative or sinful traits of man. Lets see what are these

“Laziness” – Patrick Star

Patrick spends the bulk of his time sleeping under a rock and eating excessively.

Though he is shown to have remarkable strength but only uses the power to do things like steal ice cream. It is clear that Patrick mostly uses his incredible strength as a means to indulge in his own laziness.

“Envy” – Plankton

Plankton, whose main motivation is stealing the Krusty Krab secret formula, is certainly envy. Envy is defined as the desire to have an item or experience someone else has. Almost every one of Plankton’s storylines revolve around his obsessive need to one up Mister Krabs. Plankton is far more concerned with taking something away from someone else rather than cultivating his own talents and skills. He’s even green with envy.

“Lust” – SpongeBob

Lust is usually seen as excessive sexual desire but it can be excessive desire for any materialistic and pleasurable (like food, money, property, fame, etc). SpongeBob, with his unending optimism and friendliness, certainly harbors an excessive amount of love for his friends in Bikini Bottoms. He is so blinded by love that he is oblivious to the fact Squidward finds him annoying, often comically misinterpreting Squidward’s sarcasm and anger. The explicit element of sexual lust also comes at certain occasions like at one instance Spongebob is watching a porn scene on TV.

“Greed” – Mr Krusty Krab

Greed is marked by an excessive love for money and material things. Mr. Krab is the perfect embodiment of this trait. He refers to customers in monetary terms (i.e., “That’s my money walking out the door”) and runs the Krusty Krab under the philosophy, “The money is always right.” He even loses his arms and suffers a severe head injury in one episode in an attempt to pull a dime out of the garbage disposal.

Throughout the series, Mr. Krabs has shown a shocking dedication to his money. He keeps his first dollar framed and prominently displayed in his home and is willing to do just about anything to make a profit. What hasn’t the guy done for money? He sold Spongebob’s soul for less than a dollar once and even went into graverobbing to make some extra cash.

Sex and Lust

Several instances of sex scenes are captured on this video on Youtube :


In one scene Spongebob is watching Porn –

In Ukraine, a religiously-affiliated organization called The National Commission for the Defense of Morals (which is like our Parents Television Council), deemed SpongeBob as a threat to children. Basically, a supposed “psychologist” believed the content in the cartoon would turn kids into criminals and perverts because it promotes homosexuality.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time SpongeBob was attacking for being “pro-homosexual,” despite Stephen Hillenburg pointing out that sponges are asexual. In 2005, an American conservative Christian organization, called Focus on Family, called SpongeBob “insidious” after he and other cartoon characters were featured in a video promoting tolerance of different cultures and identities. In fact, The New York Post found five different controversies in the last fifteen years where SpongeBob came under fire for offending someone or another. It’s just a cartoon, people


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