Peppa Pigs

Year : 2019

Pigs are training kids Anti social behaviour

Category : Animation/ Children/
Language : English/
Production : British/
Target : Child Adulteration/ Liberalism/ Muslim Cultural Practices/ Profanity/

250+ Episodes since 2004 and continues.

Spoilt kids, a bullied husband, an antagonistic father-in-law and a mother in need of Prozac… it might sound like a new family on EastEnders’ Albert Square, but it’s actually Britain’s most influential family – Peppa Pig and her herd.

She stamps her feet, bullies her brother, makes fun of her parents, falls out with her friends, whinges when she loses, pokes out her tongue and generally displays copious amounts of antisocial behaviour.

Mummy Pig is so moody it takes the entire episode for her to finally crack a smile, which is so shocking it makes the rest of the family fall over.

Then there’s the way she bullies Daddy Pig, bossing him about relentlessly and making him feel fat and useless. Then there’s Daddy Pig, who’s fat and useless, and George, who’s quite sweet, but if he carries on hanging out with Peppa, will soon grow out of it. Plus Grandpa Pig, who knows it all, and lets his poor son-in-law know it.

Overall based on several Muslim and non Muslim users Peppa teaches children anti social behavior. Those behaviors are common now in British education system, where they teach to disrespect parents, parents are not allowed to be strict to the children and children have their own say. Such cartoons are made with precise thinking and are part of education system. IF children do not learn to obey parents, be well mannered, then as they grow they will get into the social wave which is full of lust, sex, alcohol, crimes and there is no one who can control them, as they do not listen to anyone.

Another point about Peppa Pig, is “It’s all about PIGS”. Can’t they find another animal here. Why dogs and Pigs are the only favorites in such teenage cartoons. One reason is because Islam considers Pigs as the most impure. A dog can still be allowed to become a security pet but a Pig never. They are teaching cultural tolerance to children, whereby kids develop proximity with such characters, which in reality and by names are Pigs. So can you refrain such children later from Hams and Bacons? For them pigs are their tutors now. That creature whose meat, sweat and everything is impure.

This is how they are desensitizing our children towards Islamic teachings and prohibitions. The Muslims should avoid their children from watching such series. There are 250+ episodes produced since 2004, but at that time since it was DVD’s but now it is OTT, YouTube, so most children have easy access to it. 

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URL2 : Here's why i stopped my kid to watch Peppa Pig - Read a full report
Keywords : Anti Islamic values, liberalism, behaviour
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