Year : 2018

Severe Profane (lustful terms) language used through with seduction scenes

Category : Web Series/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/ NetFlix/
Target : Liberalism/ Profanity/ Sex & Lust/

A ten episode exclusive Amazon Prime Video series in Hindi for India. The plot is around a town Mirzapur in UP which is full of gun crimes, drugs , sexual assaults and above all profane language. We are not interested to present the story but to present the destruction which series are doing on Digital Media which has no control. The Ratings for the movie are self rated as Indian Cinema has no rating regulations yet for Digital Media and even if it was there, how will you control it?

This series uses the most profane vulgar language, though this language is common on street all over the India and more common in UP but presenting it in an elegant manner with the main casts all using the same type of language is a promotion of this profane culture. When language is profane then for sure you have to put the spices of sex and lustful acts also. Though explicit nudity might not be shown but certain passionate scenes, extra marital affairs all become part of the same business. Young college girl (as per media reports) is shown to perform act of self sex.

This is the filth which Digital media is bringing to our youths, children and homes.

URL : Trailer cannot linked due to profane language and scenes
Keywords : slang langauge
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