Mind Control & Manipulation by Media

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By: Syed Rizvi :

Mind manipulation is a common technique used with the growing media possibilities, reach and technology. With this technique minds of people are changed towards developing a public opinion. The way media plays with the situation or a problem which might not be a reality but people start to believe in it as reality. The reason I am starting this discussion in this context is for readers to understand a case related to Mind manipulation and control as we later deep dive into its fundamentals.

Theory of Problem-Reaction-Solution

There is a covert theory in media by mind manipulators now termed as “Problem – Reaction – Solution” (PRS). With this theory the social mind manipulators first remove all oppositions for their case (like during elections this theory is used by those in power to sustain themselves). And the second benefit they gain is not just people start to believe in a problem in fact they start to demand the same solution which the manipulators want to impose on them or in other words people demand the objectives of manipulators themselves. As an example, if a city or state wants to put cameras on every street to monitor people; definitely people will object to this privacy intrusion. But the mind manipulators will play it differently and work on the theory of Problem Reaction Solution in a such a manner that people will themselves demand to put cameras everywhere. How they will do this.

First step they will create a problem scenario of insecurity, terrorism threats somewhere. Then they will blame someone which could be economy, government, war, terrorism with such strong impressions that it gets into public mind. In both of the two world wars this theory was used. The same elites funded both the parties in war. Apart from making money, they wanted to change the nature of the post war society. Now also this happens whereby a problem like 9/11 is created secretly.

As a second step they will use the media to develop a public opinion to the extent that people opinion demands and everywhere a common phrase hits your eardrums “Something must be done, this can’t go one” which means take my freedom power away and do something to solve this problem.
Then comes the third step, when the people are themselves demanding the state to take action then those who created problem come to media, from parliaments and publicly announce the solution to the problem they have created and in doing so they get vast number of people demand what they wanted to do themselves. Then they will pass laws on state security, immigration control and even wars.

If you want more cameras on street, more police with guns, more authorities’ laws, more restrictions on public freedom then make the public frightened to cry. When people are frightened, they look for someone out there to protect them. Get them frightened and they will themselves demand to take their freedom away. Now you can monitor every phone call, you can monitor all internet, you can break in any home under the pretext of protection from threats. As per the new laws in America, you can be arrested, detained, tortured all under the pretext that you might be a terrorist. If you want to believe in this, need a painted picture on what is happening then see how history repeats. In Feb 1933 Hitler staged a false flag and burnt down his own German parliament building putting the blame on communist terrorist. In few weeks he passed the enabling act which restricted people freedom.

Now comes a question, how does all this happen, the masses have reached this state of affairs unnoticed? This all happens with Mind control. In order to manipulate the mind, you need to first get control over the mind and this happens through media.

Mind – The control room of human being

Mind is the control room where all diverse messages are coming through. If you look at one hour what eyes are giving. There are millions of images captured by your eyes; static as well as motion.If you see tv or movie, the films are stationary pictures but when the movie is running you see the pictures in movement, because there is a picture after picture passing in front of eye. In one second if 16 pictures pass in front of our eyes, you will see that picture in movement. This happens because the mental system is like this that if it receives continuous pictures then it misses the small break and joins them like when you are looking at me, it is not that you are looking at one picture, you are getting a different picture every moment and it is being transferred to mind. If you are looking for one hour, then you can see in one hour how many pictures have been transferred from the objects to your senses. When your senses receive these images, they transfer it to your mind and the mind interprets it with a meaning. These images which you capture of objects in media terminology are known as “Impressions” which gets on your mind. Your eyes would be capturing millions of visual impressions, similarly your ears, nose, body, tongue what they come in contact with creates an impression in your mind.

You might say that even though I see several objects and capture millions of impressions through my senses, but do they remain in my mind even though what I have seen few minutes back I don’t remember. When I am driving or walking, hundreds of objects pass in front of my eyes, so many cars, people, shops, but do I remember all of those? So, if I don’t remember then these impressions stay in my mind or are deleted? For this answer let us look at how mental system deals with these impressions.

Mind functioning on Impressions

Our minds have two parts (related to this element), which has various terms, but we use the most common terms as “conscious mind” and “sub-conscious mind”. The conscious mind is the upper layer of information in mind whereas sub-conscious mind is lower layer. The way the information layers work is that those things which we give importance or focus upon they get placed on the upper layers of mind, that is conscious mind and those things which we give less importance, no importance or ignore they go to lower layers of mind. When we are passing on street, we can see number plates of many cars, names of shops, people and you would have seen hundred scenes but might be only ten you remember. This does not mean it is not present in the mind; everything you have seen its picture got transmitted by eyes and went into the mind. But those pictures, scenes or words you listened with intention, concentration, gave importance they went in a different department of mind. It is like you get many emails in your mailbox, some of them are from your clients, people you know and some are spams. All emails are received, but those which are spam they go in spam folder whereas those which are from your known contacts are placed in Inbox. This is an automatic process which keeps on going continuously and this division goes on for everything your senses capture. Those things which you were in pursuit of, looking for once they come in contact with your sense, they get inside your conscious mind.

Things that enter the conscious mind of ours remains there for a certain time only if you do not refer back to them. This time is not something fixed and cannot be generalized it varies from person to person based on certain factors which control other element of mind known as “memory”. So those which things you paid attention and went in your conscious mind will also not remain there for long time if you not refer to them after some time, they will also get moved into sub conscious mind. It is easy to understand this phenomenon with the latest windows and computer cleaning software. These systems monitor which programs you are using often and those programs which you have not used for a certain time, these programs either on their own or after your permission will move them out from your desktop screen. Now you can also see when you open your Microsoft office programs, it shows you recent folders and files.

This is how your mind also works, the things which you have picked up intentionally and have been referring and using them, they remain in your conscious mind, which means on top and things which you don’t they get auto moved to sub-conscious mind. This is known as forgetfulness. When you say I have forgotten the name of a person whom you have met before, this was because you did not refer to him for some time and the name moved to lower layers. It does not mean that the name is deleted, now if you apply some pressure, thinking you remember that name. This remembrance which happens means that forgotten thing or name again came out of subconscious mind to conscious mind.

If you open your subconscious mind it is full with all the information, impressions that you have captured from your childhood time or from the time you started to develop sense (around 2, 2.5 yrs. of age). And you can also test that you still remember some very specific incident of those time as well, like the nursery where you went, or some accident that took place, or the first day of your school. From that time till now every date, moment is all present in your subconscious mind.

To make it easier to understand we can again take the example of computer system. You have RAM and Hard Drive. The hard drive capacity is very high in TB’s whereas RAM is few GBs. Inside the RAM is only that data or programs which you are using but in your Hard Drive from the day you purchased Computer everything you did is present. Even if you delete it, then also the impressions are present and that deleted data can also be recovered. The computer system is based on same concept of human mind.
Another phenomenon of these departments of mind is when you sleep, the conscious mind also goes to sleep and when you awake up it also wakes up. This is because when you sleep your senses also sleep; this means the capturing devices have gone off, so there is nothing being captured hence the conscious mind is sleeping. It is like if you are capturing video from a camera into a recorder, but if your camera battery goes dead then capturing stops hence recording will also not take place. But is the complete mind dead then? When conscious mind sleeps the sub-conscious mind awakens. This part of the mind does not need the senses, it operates on the stored data inside. The sub conscious mind will never wake up when conscious mind is awakened. This brings us towards the operational phenomenon of Imaginations and Dreams.

Imaginations and Dreams

There is one more internal faculty inside human mind, which is known as “Imagination”. The way seeing is external sense, similarly imagining is internal sense which does not need any physical organ. In fact, this faculty gets into action only when external senses go off or slow down. Like when you close your eyes, you can better imagine. The function of imagination is like a painter who paints pictures. For painting this painter needs material and all this material comes from the subconscious mind.
When we sleep this artist of imagination wakes up and whatever material is present in the subconscious mind it randomly picks up and starts to draw. Take an example of a child left alone at home and there is a store room in which all the unused things, some excess grocery, old items are kept. This child gets inside the store room. Now he will start to mix all things together and create something non sensible. Similarly, our imagination also enters the subconscious mind and from childhood till now whatever untouched pictures are present it will pick those and make non realistic things. It makes a film and shows to us which are dreams.

When you see dreams you think that something real is getting revealed to you, or some divine inspirations are coming; the fact is that your imagination is extracting pictures from your subconscious mind content and draws a purposeless picture. The work of imagination is only to do purposeless things. Like certain things you are afraid of, are having phobia; imagination will pull out those things from your subconscious mind, mix it with other material inside and presents to you a dreadful picture. The inferiority complexes, fear, desires, behavior which we developed in our childhood remains preserved in our subconscious mind. The imagination plays with them and produces a film for us. We should keep in mind that certain things which are present inside our subconscious mind and disturbs us in our dreams they also trouble man when he is awake.

Imaginations and Thinking

We should be aware about this principle that when conscious mind goes off, then the subconscious mind wakes up or the opposite. Like you are in a classroom, where you have to concentrate on what is being taught, hence your conscious mind should be on and subconscious should be off. This is where thinking comes in action which is an intellectual effort. Intellect always become active inside conscious mind or we can also say sensible mind. Most of the times when you think you try to remember some information , which means it is present in your conscious mind; so in this case that information will move out you’re your subconscious mind and come into your conscious mind which is the field where intellectual effort of thinking takes place. Whereas all activities of imagination are in subconscious mind. In this portion of mind; all garbage and incomplete things are present which get made up into something at night in our dreams. And certain things present there like fear, phobia, complexes trouble man at all times. The psychological problems which gets developed inside man are from this department only. These problems are those undesired issues present in our subconscious mind which we are ourselves not aware of.


We need to briefly discuss this here to understand this discussion and conclude. Concentration has the core word as center inside. Concentration means to keep your mind and senses on a particular point for a specific time and not allow them to divert. This ability is required for successful delivery of many routine tasks for man like when he is studying, analyzing, researching which are all intellectual acts for which he needs concentration. But even in practical tasks like driving, writing, cooking, working all need concentration. A woman says at times I put a lot of efforts to make this dish which I have made several times before but this time it did not turned out good. This was due to lack of concentration. The eyes of the lady were like an owl glued to the cooking pot but her mind was somewhere else. She need concentration. This happens very often with most students in classroom whereby they are looking at the teacher, on the white board but if you ask them what did the teacher said few seconds before, they don’t know. This was because their mind was somewhere else, he was not concentrating. In this era due to mobile phone, we are more concentrated on mobile phones, hence sitting in meetings, at home we are not concentrated on other things. At times we criticize, scold children, subordinates or employees that they are dull and cannot do something. It is not that he is dull the problem is concentration. This faculty builds up by practice and we need to be attentive to this. Concentration can solve many of our problems if we develop this ability then we will be able to deliver all our tasks properly.

Memory and Remembrance

A question would come up to the users, so what is memory? Memory means extracting information from the topmost layer of subconscious mind where information is stored and it comes out immediately when you call it without applying any stress on your mind. At times it happens you want to remember the name of someone, though you know the person and his name you say was in my memory but you cannot recollect. We say memory has become weak. Since we have not recalled the information for some time it has traveled down to lower layers of mind. Good memory and weak memory are the abilities to pull out the information from various layers of sub conscious mind. When you memorize something, it means you want to keep that information on the topmost layer of the subconscious mind, so that it gets immediately recalled when you need. Weak memory or sharp memory are also related to other factors which will draw us in other direction so we park those for now.

Again, a question comes up is it not right to say that memory means that information which you always remember? This is not totally correct because remembrance is different from memory. Remembrance information are those pieces which are always in the conscious mind and makes man to perform routine and immediate actions. Like when you have to eat, you eat with the right hand. Who tells you to use right hand? You might say it is a habit which is true, but this habit also becomes actionable with a mental process. So, when you have to eat; this information to eat with right hand is present in your remembrance layer of conscious mind. Remembrance means all those things or information that is placed in your conscious mind in such a manner that you act upon those instantaneously. Like you have a native language say English. To speak in English, you don’t need to think about words, you have those in your remembrance and they just fluently come out. At the same time, you also know Arabic language, but you cannot speak fluently, you have to think and recollect words then speak. This is because Arabic language is not in your conscious mind but instead in your memory, that is the upper layers of subconscious mind.

Thus, your actions are of two types; one is those which you are habituated meaning you don’t need to think, you just act. These are based on those information strings which are present in your remembrance layer of your conscious mind, means always there and they never move to the subconscious mind. Like good values of being honest, truthful if they remain in this remembrance layer of man, then he will never speak lie, because his uppermost layer tells him that lying is bad.

The second are those on which you think and act. This is where the information is not present in remembrance but present in memory layers of subconscious mind and you need to recall it first, then think and act if required. When you recall information from memory it comes to your conscious mind then you think on it, as thinking is an intellectual act which takes place in conscious mind. Apart from those things which are present in remembrance layer of conscious mind information as mentioned in the beginning would leave this area of mind (due to limited space) and get into subconscious mind.

Information is the basis of Thinking and Imagination

We can conclude that irrespective of how intelligent or focused a person may be; his mind and both the faculties of thinking and imagination are all dependent and thus controlled with information. Even if he has to concentrate or memorize something that is also upon some information. Information means the data received through senses. Man thinks or imagines based on information he has received. Even if you just close your eyes and then either think or imagine, both will take place based on data present in your mind. Thinking is done on useful data with useful output whereas imagination is the mixture of useful and non-useful, incomplete data which produces an imaginary or non-useful output. Thinking gives a direction or next practical step, whereas imagination leads us nowhere it just produces and presents things which are not practical. The point is both are based on information.

Mind control

Since the behavior of the mind is dependent on information, so the first step in controlling human mind is controlling information. If a person has never seen a lion, he can never think or imagine about a lion because there is no information about lion present in his mind. By controlling information, you can make man think what you want him to think. This means if you continuously make him concentrate on what you want, then this will go in his conscious mind and will remain on top, whereas those which are really important things now will move to subconscious mind. Remember that the classification or placement of information in these two portions depends on man’s attention, importance given to the data and then concentration. It can happen he gives importance to some information like attending a lecture but he is not concentrated, so that information will now go inside his subconscious mind and hence he forgets.

We are living in a controlled environment where our mind is controlled by media, how society should work, how people should behave will all be preached through media. They do not want you to think too much means your intellect should not perform in conscious mind instead your imaginations should work more on incomplete, useless information present in subconscious mind. This happens through Visual media giving us information through Television, Internet which are most powerful weapons of psychological warfare in 21st century. The more your imagination work, the thinking will not work as thinking is an act of intellect which works on useful data. So, you know why such mega amounts are spent on producing fictional movies because they are all related to imagination. What you see is of no use to you practically but they activate your imagination faculty more than your intellect. This means now you will think less, now you will easily ignore realities behind what is happening around you and certain lords of the societies will deceive you and govern you. You know why shrewd and clever politicians would like to take full control of media first because that is where the minds get controlled by providing information what you want to give people.

Today few multinational groups are controlling information that people have. If you see the world of animations and cartoons you have only few names like Disney, Warner etc. Though are there many channels, newspapers, internet services but all are consolidated and controlled by few mega enterprises like NBC is owned by General Electric and GE is the Top 10 Defense contractor. So, is NBC going to publish a news or report that could impede a contract going on for GE? Similarly, who contributes the most money to the Election campaigns and those who come in power then will do what the corporations who have financed them in election want them to do. For News Media, who pays the bulk of money from advertisements which keeps the news channel going? Again, Major corporations.

So, we have corporate control of Election campaigns, corporate control of Media. Corporate’s control agriculture, technology, manufacturing, industry, education, communication, elected officials. These the governments which are practically is controlled by corporations or establishments. When Businesses controls government then it is Fascism which is a political philosophy or regime that is a centralized autocratic government under a dictatorial leadership; where in there are severe economic and social regimentation and any opposition that comes up is forcibly suppressed. This suppression is where media which means mind control plays an important role. The media hypnotizes the mind and takes control over it thus everyone now is in favor of undesired.


Hypnotism is not magic in fact a reality. As we have understood till now that people form their opinion based on information. If the information is mis info, dis info then that kind of opinion is formed. The information that is going out to the world today is massaged and tuned. TV is the mass hypnotist. It is implanting a belief inside us, and when information hits our eye, ears, this information is interpreted based on the belief that we have in our mind.

All of a sudden sometimes you see people say, I woke up, I can see what the truth is, how? Because someone has broken the spell of hypnotism in which they were. The media makes a big fuss about some country that there are all terrorists there like Pakistan. Globally people start to believe that when you land at the airport you will see terrorists with guns, swords ready to behead you and every house has terrorist. Then one day you land in that country and you see this was not true. So why did you believe in that before? This was because you were hypnotized by media. TV is the biggest mass hypnosis. Then Games, mobile games, people are being given the information which they want to give.

Hypnotism is not magic, it is a simple mental transaction in which a person has focused their attention, they have stopped being critical and are open to suggestions. It is a translex stage, like when we watch television or movie, we get absorbed in watching or playing games. Like for advertisers or propagandist, for they create a circumstance which induces a mental state, a translex state then deliver their product or message. TV creates a unified mass translex state.

Do you wonder when you say, why did I buy this product? This is a common everyday illustration; we get into a state and buy the Idea. We get into this mental state where we respond automatically without thinking. You go to a supermarket and would pick up Coke or Pepsi, though there might be some other brand as well. This is because due to mass media campaigns of information these brands have created an impact on your mind and that is hypnotism. If you notice the News broadcaster looks directly into the camera that is eyes of viewer, which is the same pattern of hypnotism. You would have very often heard now, “Everyone knows that”. If they keep on repeating this phrase, people get hypnotized and believe that really everyone knows this fact but I don’t know so I should also believe. The Journalist tells you what politicians tell them, and they tell in a way as if it is absolute truth and they believe it, and that’s what make you believe.

Media – The mind controller

They make movies, cartoons, games and everything in the best quality, attractive to make us believe in what they want us to believe. It is a battle of what they want versus what the reality is. If they want the world to believe Islam is terrorism, if they want the world to develop Islamophobia they can do this through media by blasting attractive information which gets placed in the minds of people , though not in conscious mind but in their memories, so moment they see a bearded Muslim, their intellect recalls this information from memory and says this person could be a terrorist. This is what media has done, that is taken control of our minds.

Now with advanced processing technologies, you have programmatic and contextual marketing, whereby search engines and browsers capture your activities on internet and based on what you have been searching, they will push advertisement or content specific to your interest. If I went to google and searched for a car, you will see later as well that you are getting car advertisements all over. They have read what is going on in your mind and now they want you to think about their product which matches what is in your mind or something by which they want to corrupt your mind. They can easily know with your few moves on YouTube you belong to which religion, sect and then gradually the way mega processing algorithms work, they will lead you towards data that will morally corrupt you.
Some political incident happens and media will start to take that in a particular direction and develop an opinion about the incident in the favor of whom they want. In the recent elections that took place in India, it is incorrect to say that there was cheating. People have not realized that the ruling government of Modi, in their running tenure had taken full control of media. They made up people’s mind through media. They created the impact on the minds of people that the people were literally hypnotized by this party and they gave their votes to them. They created an atmosphere in the minds of people through media, they created the same scenario of Problem-Reaction-Solution and people believed in them.

Control Mind – Rule World

If you control the minds of people, you can rule over them by your brand, products and even governance. Big powers, corporate’s can rule the world if they control the mind of people and that is done through media. If evils and Satan’s control media, your mind will be under evil and satanic control who will make you believe in their evils. But if good controls then it would be opposite. Netanyahu when he was first elected, in United Nations he said that we don’t need have a war with Iran, just increase the power of your Satellite beams and shoot 200 channels as the Iranians have dishes in every home. He clearly said if we just orient the minds of their youth in our favor, towards Western ideology we have defeated Iran. This is what they have already done in many Muslim countries. Sonia Gandhi in her very early tenure almost 20 yrs back said that we don’t need fight a war with Pakistan as people in Pakistan do not watch PTV (Pakistan TV) instead they watch Zee TV (an Indian entertainment channel).

This means if we have to counter this mode attack on our Ideology and culture then we need an alternate media because human mind works the same way and if we send truth continuously people will believe in truth as that is more concrete and evidential as well. There are very few who can overcome the media dominance, can differentiate between truth and falsehood; and not get impressed by the information storm. There is a tradition which says; If truth and falsehood would remain the way they are, then it would not affect man much, but the problem is that truth and falsehood are adulterated together and people cannot discriminate between them. This adulteration is done by media today. They will produce a cartoon like Aladdin with Islamic names and then show Islamophobia, romance, love in that which means a liberal form of Islam which even elders cannot discriminate so how would children differentiate? Another modern era devil worth mentioning here is Facebook. The addiction which Facebook has created amongst people who do not realize that all the information they share on this medium apart from being used as intelligence data by agencies also is used against the people for mind control. This is the reason Facebook is amongst the leading Advertisement media on social media. To give a better objective reference I will take a case to explain the advertisement world on how it works.

Advertisement Mind control

In the advertisement media world, there are certain terminologies which are all related to these mental processes. Let us a take quick look on these, so our discussions get referenced to the current media world.

Impression: As said before Impression means the transmission of information images to the mind through senses. In advertisement world it is also known as eye ball contact. Once information comes in contact with your eye ball, they call it impression. Since there is too much information, the impression that will go in our conscious mind would be only those which we give importance and second on which we concentrate. If certain information which is of our daily use but we are not giving importance to it, then this can become important or can get into our conscious mind or we can say becomes actionable is by making us concentrate on that information. We have mentioned before what is concentration. In the advertisement world Impression is part of Reach Marketing or Brand awareness, where you just blast information repeatedly to make people know your brand presence. Like when you see page views, video views numbers these are just impressions and not that these many people have watched the full video. They just clicked it or came on that page where this image or video opened up.

Impact: When information hits our mind, if it gets into our conscious mind which means we start to give importance or consideration and now we remember this information then this impression has transformed into impact. If we are looking for something like I want to buy a watch and all of a sudden, I get an advertisement message of a new Smart watch, so on the first instance this model of watch will create an impact on my mind because I need it. But if I don’t need something, but that product is of routine use to most human beings or my category, then the impact will happen if this information counters me for several times. As per some studies 20% of people get an impact after more than three impressions. This is the reason that the same information needs to be repeatedly sent out for impact. Advertisers put bill board on streets so that people passing by daily can see those big pictures multiple times and then this will have an impact on them. Why is the same television advert broadcast several times? Or when you open YouTube video you see the same advertisement repeatedly coming. This is because if they only sent once, you will not give importance and it will go deep down into your subconscious mind. To bring that information up, even to the level that it gets into the topmost layer of memory of your subconscious mind, there should be repeated blasting of information.

It is worth noting that big players like Disney when they have some hidden agenda in their cartoon, they will not make it explicit or present as the main theme, they will show it very light or quickly somewhere, but that instance will create an impression and since the children tendency is to repeatedly watch, this impression will turn into an impact or even if not it has still entered into their subconscious mind and will make them imagine. A single kiss in a Disney cartoon will create this impact on the child and his imaginations will work on this lustful information which only came for few frames in that cartoon.

Action: This is something which you do as a reaction to impact. It could be clicking that image, watching a good portion of that video, visiting the website, or saving, forwarding information or telling someone else about something you have seen on media, or it goes into your memory (that is topmost layers of subconscious mind). An action could be conversion to objective of the advert or you become a promoter of the same product.

Conversion: This is where the sources want you to finally reach. They are pushing information towards you to get impression and then they repeat so that it makes an impact, then you take some actions and last is conversion whereby you give some benefit to the sources by buying their products. If with all the process a brand gets in your memory, now when you are in need and you come in contact with that brand , a correlation matching process takes place in your mind and now you prefer this brand because it was in your memory which means you have developed an auto belief in it. In other words, you are sold out to that brand. There are certain conversions which are direct like the advertisement says buy this product and get this much discount and you go and buy. But for some there is only brand promotion, so whenever you need to buy you prefer that product as that is in your memory.

Impact of Movies, Animations, Cartoons

So now we see how the mind works and how the media world has studied the mental phenomenon and worked out a mind control and manipulation system. The movies, films, TV, cartoons, animations what you watch can create impression, impact and even actions. If the quality of the content is poor it will just create an impression, but that impression also gets into your subconscious mind and will be used by your imagination. If the film content was good, then it will create an impact on you and you will pick certain things from the film and it can eventually turn out in replicating certain things in your action. Like if Islamophobia is shown in a high-quality production, people will for sure get an impact resulting into action of hatred towards Islam.

And for children it is more dangerous, because children have the tendency to watch the same content repeatedly. Hence if they like something and unfortunately that has something undesired, due to nature of repeated watching of cartoons, animations there would be a big impact on the minds of children and that will reflect in their actions and even character. There have been certain cartoon characters, games which has led children to accidents as they did what they were asked to perform or they replicate a flying character. Certain cartoons have made phenomenal character impact on children. A cartoon by the name SpongeBob has reports that children who watch this regularly have developed attention deficiencies and certain negative human traits which are shown in certain characters.

Invisible or Ignored threat?

All these threats are inside our homes and everywhere. They are having high impact on us and we cannot see them? Are these invisible threats? No, they are not, but they are for sure ignored. This ignorance in serious persons who care for their self, family and children is due to lack of awareness. Secondly it is also due to non-availability of alternate media which can counter these threats. You cannot stop your child from drinking coke when everyone is drinking; you need to give an alternative which is healthy. You can stop sending your children to schools if they are dangerous but you cannot stop them from getting educated, you need an alternative. Similarly, you need alternative clean, pure media that provides entertainment and edutainment, which creates a positive impact of human values, principles inside the children and youths. It’s time we just don’t need to think but act on this.

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