The effects, conspiracy of Sex & Lust in Cartoons

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By Syed Rizvi :

It is highly recommended to read this article only after you have read the articles of “What is Lust?” and “Mind Control and Manipulation” as they form the basis of understanding this article.

Are Animated movies exclusive to kids?

We have this grave misunderstanding that any animated movie, cartoon films are made for kids only which means the children ethics and the Go’s and No Go’s for kids have been considered. This is not true in this era, whereby there are certain movies and animations which are the even X rated (like Australian cartoon “Frisky Cat”).  It is a fact that children easily accept animated, cartoon content because of their level of immaturity and immaturity inclines more towards imaginary world than reality. Children will not get impressed by live movies unless they have an element of imaginary story, high degree of fun and action inside (imaginary).

This means the prime audience for animated content are children though with technology advancements and 3D animation the content produced now with animation looks more closer to reality and the elders have also become an audience. Since certain things are difficult and too costly to create and present (like ancient, historic atmosphere) animation is used for that as well. But even if an animated movie is made with a theme for elders’ children will get impressed with that as well as their minds are oriented towards animation and cartoon.

So, to answer this first question whether Animated movies are only targeted towards kids, this is not true but Kids due to their immaturity are auto targets of this type of content and globally still majority of content produced in animation, cartoon are meant for children. Since you have a media which is directly targeted towards Children and there is a highest degree of acceptability in Children for this media, this becomes an easy means of adulteration and meeting conspiracy goals (we will discuss this later).

Different forms of sexual adulteration through cartoons and animation

We are only discussing about sex and lust adulteration through cartoons in this article. Though there are other types also like orientation towards alcohol, violence, anti-values, morality adulteration, liberalism, anti-faith, Islamophobia etc. as well. Let us see in what forms sexual adulteration takes place in children through this media.

Implicit: Romance and Love

In our society love between man and woman (which is actual lust and not true meaning of love) is very common and it is like essentials of life. The way we need food, clothing, shelter when man reaches youth age, he needs a romance partner and in certain cultures the intention in the past was to have such relationship more for marriage but now it is just getting more and more towards sex. Hence presenting love between a male and female character inside an animation movie is considered normal and there would not be any PG rating also given to the movie (unless there is some nudity or sexual physical contacts shown). This is the most subtle and implicit form of orientation towards lust that start to develop inside a child.

But if you look from the dimension of faith cultures and that too primarily Islam where this relation is highly controlled. Islam does not allow male, female relationship with unacquainted beings (Na Mahram). Islam takes the route of organized post marital relationship and not lustful pre-marital relationship of romance. Even in implicit form this kind of content in cartoons, animations develops an orientation towards romance, normalization of pre-marital boyfriend girlfriend type relationships which has high impact on the spiritual development of child and would eventually lead towards many problems like pre puberty and its associated effects.

There are many such animations based on folk tales like Snow white, Cinderella, Beauty and beast which all end up into romance and love. Why is this element required for kids? Can the kids not be entertained without this element? I have mentioned this in my other article of mind control that whatever information are picked by senses it creates an impression in the human mind and this impression than transforms into an impact by repeatedly watching that or concentrating on that. The way these film makers present this little lustful content is that it makes an impact and even if it does not remains in the conscious mind but still this impression will always be present in subconscious mind of child, and imaginations will work on this data and this is where lustful imaginations and sex fantasies takes birth at a very early age of a child.

Mild Nudity and Sex

What sounds and looks very mild is very dangerous for the kids. Mild Nudity is whereby the female characters are shown in semi-nude dresses which can be argued as something normal because that is the kind of dress which people where in Western societies. When you show a cartoon girl wearing short pants, broad chest open shirt with cleavages seen that is something normal in West. But what about people in the Islamic world. Disney is a brand for everyone globally and that is the benefit they get, to infiltrate their liberal culture very easily as every child wants to watch Disney cartoons and animations. This goes to second level when the movie is based on folk tale like Aladdin, predominantly a Muslim orientalist and Arab culture which came out in 90’s and presented Jasmine the female character in a dress with open bellies, chest, shoulders all seen and even Aladdin as male character has his body exposed. Cartoon character for women specifically show elevated breasts and buttocks. Is there a need to expose these body parts in a funny cartoon meant for children?

Then this goes to next step, where most of the Disney productions come with at least an element of seductive kissing. The story might end with a kiss or at some point get into this. The new release of Aladdin as a live movie in 2019 is a high budget special effects film by Disney but it is completely love and romance centric and definitely kissing shown. Since this is a live movie Disney had to take care of some dressing and did not expose bellies of female characters but did not mind showing cleavages. Similarly, if you take Beauty and Beasts, the entire story is about a prince enchanted as monster and can recover only if he falls in love with a girl and she also love him. So is this a movie for children which is totally love and romance centric? And which eventually had to show proximity and kissing.

An example of this can be seen on this YouTube video which presents certain scenes from Disney Movies

These might seem very mild for west as the children see such semi-nude dresses and kissing all over and even inside their homes. But Islamic culture is of modesty and chastity; such things are considered as corruption of mind and eventually spirituality. The child gets morally corrupted at tender age when whatever the kids watch this creates an impression on their mind which prevails forever (refer to our article on mind control).

Explicit Sexual content

Now comes the next step where there is explicit sexual content shown in cartoons specifically exposition of private parts, seductive acts, implicit sex scenes (like parents lying in bed depicting that they did something) and direct sex scenes as well. This is now becoming more and more common in cartoons and animations. Though big players like Disney prefer not to be very explicit as that would be a direct resistance towards their brand from even faithful category and even many who possess family values. For example, 31 yrs. old series of The Simpsons has been presenting such explicit sexual impacts very often and their producers say that their orientation is towards liberalism. Then a 20 yrs. old series of Shin Chan has broken all limits of explicit sex presentation in cartoons specifically addressed for very young kids starting from 5 years. As such Japan has taken lead in presenting explicit sex even to the extent of porn elements in cartoons. Shin Chan is a child with a profane language and in this series sexual scenes are shown and very often Shin Chan removes his pants off. The Japanese version is much beyond the English dubbed version by FUNinamation which also is explicit and the Hindi ongoing version telecasted by Hungama TV has deleted some scenes. Our childhood Disney favorite Donald Duck has many such explicit sex and seducing scenes inside. Very often Mr. Duck is shown seduced by Ms. Duck or in some dancing bar, cabaret. With Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob it becomes worst as explicit scenes of private parts and even condoms are shown. Certain scenes had to be deleted later as well. SpongeBob became a favorite for many kids and even accessories products were made on this brand.

We have to remember a fact that even if censuring is done in certain scenes, the mindset and orientation of the makers of such content is towards liberalism, lust and sex. This means the entire product has this element behind and will reflect implicitly, explicitly, indirectly at many places. Hence cutting scenes is not a solution. Would you like to get a Math tutor for your children who is publicly known adulterer? How it matters he only teaches Math? You won’t do this, because you know his character is dangerous for my children. So, is the character, thinking of these cartoon makers not dangerous for your children? So how come your kids watch such cartoon series even if some scenes are censured that too by non-Muslim entities, which means they were so bad that from humanity perspective also not advisable for children.


This means use of vulgar language which have element of sex inside it, like use of words like F**k, A**, P***s, etc. Apart from these also certain dialogues are such that they smell of sex or double meaning words which are even common in Disney products. And more on this are dirty jokes which are used in many cartoons like Scobey Doo, Donald Duck, Power Puff girls, Rocko’s modern life, Shrek, Dexter, Batman etc. There is a nice video on YouTube which presents 15 scenes of profanity from classic cartoons  which can give you much more clarity.

With profane language, dirty jokes, sex comments used in these cartoons again they tune the mind of young children in this direction and second thing is immunity to such language and content which becomes part of their character. I remember in my childhood our parents would warn us to not to befriend, play with those children who use foul language and parents would keep a close watch on us. And we have seen that those parents who were not cautious, their children grew up with profanity in their character and language. And profane language impurifies your tongue and this effects spirituality and specifically when it comes to delivering truth the tongue is not pure to convey the truth.


With a global drive towards LGBT culture (gay, lesbian, bi sexual) many movies have been produced in promoting this culture first it was by Hollywood and now after the Supreme court decision in India, there is a big spree towards this in Bollywood as well. LGBT is not something easy to digest for many conventional, traditional and above all religious families (not just Muslims but most of the faith dislike this). Thus, apart from promoting LGBT culture as one goal, the other goal in these traditions and faith-oriented culture is getting them accepted in the mainstream by the prevailing old generation. If these two don’t work together, then LGBT promotion gets a resistance. Two homosexuals want to get married and now the law allows but their families don’t allow. This is what media needs to do.

There have been various cartoons that are presenting LGBT characters like “The Loud House -2016”, “Todd Chavez”, “Marshmallow 2017” and “The Simpsons” makes it explicit in their 27th season. Disney does not remain behind and comes up with a series of LGBT character representations in many of their shows and cartoons like “Frozen”, “Oaken-Frozen”, “Star vs Forces of Evil”, “Terkina Tarzan”, “Utopia (2016)”. What Disney does is not present explicitly and just show the relationship. In certain cartoons of theirs they show friendship between two same gender character and towards the end in the last episode they will take that towards love amongst the two. This is exactly how Sex Edutainment work is done whereby you evolve a normal friendly relationship towards sex. If two common gender characters have been living together as friend, colleagues then getting into love and sex is just one step ahead. It makes it easy for children to accept it. The element of Queer is also now being taken up in cartoons, where characters are shown as Queer, who don’t know what kind of sexual orientation they would like to have.

Through cartoons and animations LGBT culture has been promoted to children, so that this become normal for them and a matter of choice. As the aggression from the young generation increases and if this gets set in their mind then the older generation willingly or unwillingly will have to accept it at some stage. Disney’s last year movie Beauty and Beast presented a Gay scene of two gays dancing and kissing at the end and this was a child-oriented fairy tale movie.

Porn and Sex Education

Now comes the ultimate leap towards direct presentation of Porn and Sex Education through cartoons and animation. You might say that such animations would be definitely X rated which is true as they are but certain are not as they are randomly made by many non-recognized entities. Generating Pornographic live content is expensive but with animation it costs much less and also exposes it easily to children and teenagers. Even if these are explicit porn animation but since their representation is cartoonish which means children can get easy accidental access to such content. Statistical reports reveal that more than 60% of children accidentally for the first time get access to porn content and since these are live content many kids might pull off but if they are cartoonish then that has more attraction. Many of such porn animation developed by reputed studios specify to not watch with Children which means by default you might not consider this as appropriate for children.

Then Sex Education which is now a UN mandate for children starting from 4 years is being developed in animated form. A YouTube Channel “Amaze” is continuously making high quality animation to cover every element of sex education which includes LGBTQ as well. This channel is freely available on YouTube and has more then 4 Million subscribers. The Western world is accepting this and as this becomes viral it will reach Muslim families as well.

Even for Non-Islamic world the way the tree of lust has grown from premarital sex, post marital affairs, living in relationships, LGBT, child abuse and much more are all outcome of this starting point. If media would have controlled even the slightest sexual orientation element for children then this would not have reached this stage. Instead to rectify this big damage they have taken opposite approach of RSE (Rights to sex education for kids) and promoting unnatural LGBT sexual relationships.


Imagine when your children are glued to cartoon channels on TV, watching on demand cartoon content on mobile devices and with cartoon brands they get attracted and eventually these cartoons become their Ideal. When something becomes an Ideal, which happens very fast in children; human tendency is to replicate the Ideals and follow their path. The children do the same, they watch Superman, Spiderman and want to dress like them. They get the desire to fly. So if they watch a cartoon character who has become their hero and that character with all other actions, good things it does but also has a girlfriend with whom this hero does romance, kisses her, dances with her then this child who has made this character as his hero , ideal also starts to develop this desire of having girlfriends. You can see this in Toy story where the hero gets into the element of romance. Then comes the valentine day, where schools want the children to select their partners and give them gifts. And this kid will do it happily because they have seen their cartoon characters doing it. This is normalization of lust which has taken place inside the mind of the child as his favorite characters have been doing this. Since the parents were not concerned at all and considered every cartoon as safe for child; the child whatever he or she watches considers that also to be right, truth and acceptable.

Is this a conspiracy?

Why would animators, cartoonists promote such sexual content? What benefits they get from this? We would say in single statement this is part of the Liberalism conspiracy. Liberalism is the cultural philosophy of Western philosophers whereby man is born free and he should not be restricted primarily by religion. As man has an high urge of desire if you do not control him, man will break all limits. This means certain people in the world would govern and rest all are free (though not practically) at individual level and will get indulged into sex, alcohol, gambling and social crimes which will keep them busy and such a community would never stand up to the aggression and oppression which capitalists would do on them.

Sex is intoxication and makes a man psychologically disabled, he cannot think right and his mind will not orient in the right direction. As per one statistic, the mind of every American thinks about sex every seven minutes. This all happened due to continuous bombardment of first sex by media and then easy means (like clubs, dating websites) available to satisfy them. Such persons whose minds get oriented towards sex how can they think about the opposite which is religion, divinity as that is total purity. This means they will go away form religion.

For liberalism the biggest threat is Islam which does not accepts any liberal culture. You can see historically and in current era that all those acts which are highly condemned and prohibited by Islam the western world has promoted that, like alcohol, swine meat, gambling, interests in banking, lustful music, dancing, singing and illicit sex.

Hence by enticing sexual element inside cartoons and animations, you are pulling them towards your liberal culture and taking them away from Islamic culture. These lustful elements in movies, animations and cartoons are subliminal war against Islamic culture which they want to destroy.

Another dimension for this conspiracy is commercial as well. As Lust does not ends, man seeks more and more ventures, he spends money on this as well. Human being today is after his desires and these do not end specifically lustful and sexual desires. Certain people want to corrupt the minds of children for commercial gains. The earliest the child gets oriented towards sex and lust, he will advance in this, he will reach puberty much sooner and he will look for more such content and other means of satisfaction. Since sex, porn and lust is the leading industry in the world, you are preparing customers in advance for this industry.

What is the solution?

A common dilemma which parents get into is should they stop their children from watching cartoons, animations? What line they should draw? Should they just ignore if some profane language is present, or few seconds implicit nudity is shown or one odd dirty joke is present or even if a single kiss is shown? Many parents get frustrated as they want their children to give them free time by sitting on TV or Tablets and watch cartoons, but if all cartoons are like this and what should be done.

You have to remember first and foremost that children are your trusts granted by Allah whom you have to secure. If you feel slightest threat to your children’s life or bodily harms you take all precautions. You put protective adapters on electric sockets, you place safety doors on staircase, you ensure child should not reach hot cooking places, there are no sharp objects in children room. All this is for child’s physical safety but what about your child’s spiritual security and safety? Should we not be concerned if more at least to the same extent? In order to protect our children, there are certain things which we can do.

Observation and Awareness

Parents should be aware about what is happening with the media which their children are watching. They should not blindly allow them to watch anything under the banner of cartoons. We falsely assume as if all cartoons are made by Islamic scholars or some real good human beings, who are concerned about children and they will not expose anything illicit inside them. This attitude should change and parents should become concerned and alert to all what the kids watch; they absorb and this makes their character. For this reason, we have undertaken this project of (The observer). We are observing for you what is wrong and presenting to you at one location everything. This project can become much stronger with your cooperation and is expected to create a wave of media awakening.

Prevention and Control

The next step after you become aware and concerned; then you have to stop your children from watching such content. Though there are many Safe content Video on Demand Apps in the market which claim to provide safe content for children but again their definition of safety is not Islamic. For them a kiss shown in an animation or some parts of women body exposed would still be safe for child. There are some alternatives like YouTube kids App, which allows you to create a White List of cartoons that you want your child to see. The child cannot then access any other content and if you take premier paid account then even advertisements don’t come. But again, with this as parents you should know what should you select and how many parents will have this much time to browse, watch all cartoons and then add them to their children safe list. This is where our team can help you under our various projects.

Alternative Media

At the end all the above solutions are not direct fix. We need to have our own media, our own production which can produce clean entertainment, edutainment and Islamic content of reasonably acceptable standards. In the Islamic world we have such resources present who can do this work at affordable costs. Imagine if 1.3 billion Muslims in the world just decide to spend 1$ for this mission, we can bring a media revolution. We can also say that if 1000 well earning Muslims can contribute 1000$ each, we can still bring a big change in few months’ time. What is required is to feel the pain and gravity of the situation and the world in which we are living and the dangers our children are exposed to. The tragedy is those who realize and want to secure their generation do not have the resources; whereas those who possess resources do not have much concerns. We need to come out of this cocoon of false assumptions as the dangers are not just near, they have already entered our homes and our kids are carrying with them in their pockets.

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