Year : 2019

Arousing the extremist Saffron bands to fight against Muslims

Category : Movie/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : Islamophobia/ Secterianism/

The plot is about a narrated true story of Battle of Saragarhi. In 1897 where a Sikh Regiment of 21 soldiers under British Empire, fought with an invading Afghan force which rented two local tribes to fight for them., of around 10,000 in Khyber Pakhtoon Khan (now in North West frontier region of Pakistan).  This regiment stood firm to fight and the reports say they killed 8000 Afghans.

These facts are questionable as the total bullets with 21 soldiers would not be less than 4000 and they are shooting from a distance, with what hit rate? 2 shot by one bullet? That’s not our piece of cake, as that is Bollywood. Another question is that Sikh Regiment was loyal to British Empire , whereas British in this era was encroaching as many territories around. So the Afghans were not invading, they were aggressing to stop the British encroachment. They moved out with Dignity to protect their nation whereas the Sikh Regiment was fighting for British as their Lords. Logically in this battle Afghans were right but Bollywood had a different plan right at the time of elections to show this Regiment as hero, with their commander, Mr Akshay Kumar (you know how much Mr PM of India loves him) and wears a Saffron colour Turban (the colour of BJP) and holds a Saffron flag as well. There was no need for the directors to be so diplomatic. They could have named the film directly on the names of Saffron bands of India.

The actual theme in this movie is to present to the Indians, that Muslims are terrorists, who invade lands and we should not consider ourselves weak, we should fight them to the last drop of a blood. The film arouses passion in the followers of Saffron and entices hatred against Muslims. The film is clearly a battle between good and evil, the Afghan Muslims are evil.

Valor, courage is all fine, but for what purpose. You are fighting to defend that empire who has made you slaves (no one can counter this, as India fought her independence from this slavery). So these courageous, dignified Sikhs did not think about this aspect, that for whom we are fighting for? Again we don’t dive into this part also much. Interestingly the Sikh regiments are shown building a mosque also, just to balance the situation that there was nothing against religion. So what was this battle for? Slaves of a foreign occupied land fight with those who do not want these foreigners to occupy their lands. Let us shut our lips here..

The film is again a screen work of effects, action, music and star casting which is primarily targeted with subtle message of Saffron color as highlighted element fighting against Afghans. Both are icons. Saffron is icon of Hindutva and Afghans are icon of Muslims. So in simple words “Kesari is story of extremist Hindus v/s Muslims”. I won’t say extremist Muslims because today the extremist Hindus consider all Muslims as terrorists and extremists (even the Khan’s of Bollywood are under fire from them) and the message is how brutal or powerful the Muslims might be but we should not succumb to them even if we are slaves (like of British) of someone else today (we don’t know). The film arouses hate sentiments. A film that targets Islamophobia and sectarianism

Certain highlights

  1. A beheading of a Pathan woman has been shown in an extremist form. She is married and having some affair with some other person. She says i was forcibly married. First when she is about to be beheaded Sikh saves her and then she is cuaght and beheaded. This shows the Taliban type culture of public beheading. The beheading scene is accompanied with recitation of Surah Hamd, highlighting the right path

2. The movie tries to cover the point the regiment was fighting for their dignity and not as slavery to British. This is not true.

3. The Afghan Mullah is show taking hte name of Allah, whereas the other tribe heads say Allah has nothign to do with this and Afghani Mullah claims this is Jihad

4.  A clear message is conveyed that the Kesari colour is the sign of bravery and we have be slaves of Mughals, British and now this community (which means the Saffron standard hinduism) will live with their raised heads

5. Sikh regiment is shown not having any religious extremism and high degree of religous tolerance in helping hte families of Muslim pathan whereas the Afghans are shown with high element of extremism. This is Islamophobia.

6. Brutal way of killing by Pathans is shown

7.  A muslim cook is there in Sikh regiment, who has been told by the Hawaldar (Akshay kumar) to serve water to enemies wounded. in the end when he is serving water to a wounded AFghan, he is killed by the Mullah. This shows the hatred and mercilessness of Afghans and Pathans.

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Keywords : arousing sentiments of Hindus, preparing the grounds for anti Muslim genocide in future
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