My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic

Year : 2019

LGBT couple introduced in this girls cartoon series

Category : Animation/ Children/
Language : English/
Production : Hollywood/
Target : LGBT/

A major commercially success series “My Little Pony” with a big merchandise business as toys, clothing, books, cards was primarily targeted at young girls and friendship. This is how the built was done and eventually in June 2019, in the last episode they introduce a lesbian couple. So young girls were learning friendship through this anthropromorphic series of ponies but now they get this impression that this friendship between girls can turn into same sex relationship and they can have a family.

The news as is:

Coinciding with Pride Month, the Discovery Family cartoon series “My Little Pony” has introduced a same-sex couple on the show for the first time.

Writer-producer Michael Vogel told People on Thursday the timing of the episode, “The Last Crusade,” is a happy coincidence. The episode introduces a lesbian couple, Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty. They care for Scootaloo.

The episode has already aired in Europe and will be broadcast in the United States on Saturday. In May, the animated children’s series “Arthur” on PBS showed the gay wedding of Arthur’s teacher, Mr. Ratburn.

Co-showrunner Nicole Dubuc told Buzzfeed News the core of “My Little Pony” is to embrace what truly defines a family — love.

So there is nothing subliminal in this, they are very open, public that two pony ladies are parents to kids and they are not sisters. They show love signs. A Question which many raised on the internet is that they are showing a same sex family couple, so how will chidren pick this towards LGBT.

We recommend you to read our article on Mind Control and Manipulation in articles section, to realize that these impressions look small, but they create an impact as it gets repeated more and more.

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