Is YouTube Kids and Safe filtering kids Apps really safe”?

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A news report provides insight into whether safe filtering on Youtube kids and Netflix is really safe? Are these machine based filtering system working and what those who claim to be providing Safe content are really safe?  – YouTube kids app and disturbing content

The above link is a new report with evidences on how YouTube and Netflix safe filters are also not effective for kids content.

Safe Filters

Kids content Apps like YouTube kids and even others like Netflix, Amazon and many other private Apps provide safe content filtering. The fundamental problem with these safe filters is that first of all their definition of safety is unclear. Is there any regulation that defines what would be considered as safe for child.  In Islam we have a definition on what is not safe for anyone. In Western world, there are PG ratings given to movies like 12+ or 18+ Adult content. But from Islamic perspective adult, sexual content is not permitted to be seen any age, whether 8, 18 or 80. So in other words they say that you are not allowed to corrupt your minds and soul if you are less than 18, but if you are above you can corrupt it?

The second problem is that these safety filters work on certain algorithm to filter content. A simple example case we take is from YouTube Kids

YouTube kids

This App from YouTube filters content for kids. This as per their claims keeps kid safe from watching any adult content that comes up in YouTube. This was also not getting filtered properly and many parents complaint, after which Youtube kids started white list and black listing function, so the parents can pick and drop content which they want their children to see or they can block certain content. Again how many parents would be able to do this and how many parents would even know what is good and what is bad.

If you see this video report, Netflix streamed porn content to kids, despite of safe filtering and then they apologized mentioning this as a bug.

These safe content filtering is not the solution specifically for concerned and Muslim parents. What you need is totally safe media platform with all content as safe only and not need for taking the risk of filtering. Even in this news report at the end they conclude that you cannot rely on these machines for safe filtering, their proposed solution is co viewing where parents should sit with the kids and watch content. Our solution is Alternative Halal media.

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