The Lion King

Year : 1994

Romance and Love scene eventually showing subtle sex

Category : Animation/ Children/
Language : English/
Production : Disney/
Target : Sex & Lust/
Translate : Arabic/ Hindi/

There would be hardly a child in the last decade of last century who would not have watched The Lion King. Simba became a famous brand. What we did not realize that there is a complete love, romance song ending up into sexual union between the lion lioness. This is what all Disney is. Even the internet parental guidance quotes this as below

A song with farting in it.

Nala makes “bedroom eyes” at Simba, implying she wants to mate with him.

Nala and Simba tend to roll and pin each other. As youngsters this is shown in a innocent light, as they get older it gains sexual connotations.

This was almost 25 yrs back, so you can imagine how far Disney has gone now, with the new Frozen 2 being released in 2019, Elsa the girl kids favorite is expected to be shown as Lesbian. Beware Parents and Disney should not be the piece of cake for our kids.

URL : Romantic song scene between the two Lion and Lioness
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