Year : 2019

Category : Children/ Movie/
Language : English/
Production : Hollywood/
Target : Sex & Lust/ Zionism/
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The Transformers series is about transformation of energy from one form to another, using a magic cube which the source of infinite energy. Transformers are intelligent machines from the planet Cybertron, have the ability to change shape to imitate vehicles or machines. They have arrived on Earth and continue a long-standing battle between two rival factions, the Autobots and the Decepticons. In the Transformers world, Autobots are good transformers who fight for individual freedom and take the side of humans on Earth. The Decepticons want to establish a dictatorship with humans as slaves. The Autobots are lead by Optimus Prime, while the Decepticons are lead by Megatron. There are two forces of good and bad, who are both possessing power to transform.

When transformation takes place, there is no finity in energy, it shows infinite energy. Like Transformer keeps on shooting with no reloading, so there is self production of bullets and projectiles. The two forces, one wants to make human forces as slaves and another force fight on the side of humans for their freedom and both have come from outside. So both the forces are coming from outside and fighting for man. So man has nothing of own to decide. The fight between good and evil is from outside the world and human beings are observers. The infinite power and energy is self generated. The is the theory of Free Mason and anti God.

Dark of the Moon opens with a shot of the real Very Large Array (VLA) radio observatory in New Mexico The VLA is used to conduct radio astronomy observations and has been featured in several other science fictions films, including Contact (1997). It is neat to see it here, but the problem is the film depicts the VLA as existing in 1961. In reality the facility was built in the 1970s. In the film, the VLA detects an impact of an unidentified craft on the Moon, which becomes the motivation for the race between the United States and the Soviet Union to reach the Moon. There is some neat insertion of actual newsreel footage from the 1960s in this section of the film. When Neil Armstrong and the other Apollo astronauts arrive on the Moon, they discover an Autobot ship, but there are no functioning robots. The plot then builds around a Decepticon scheme to teleport all of Cybertron to Earth and enslave humanity. Witwicky and the Autobots must once again save the planet.

So its all about saving the plant and it’s USA through Hollywood and Free Mason’s who want to save the planet from forces which are from outside and non-human.

When a movie is Zionism supported, Free Masonry then do not doubt how sex and nudity would be an integrated element in these movies and will come in subtle, subliminal and even explicit manner. The first movie of Transformer has 44 scenes of sex and nudity.

You can read a full analysis on the illuminati symbols present in all the movies.

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