Year : 2018

Islamophobia related to brewing terrorism within Muslim families

Category : Movie/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : Islamophobia/ Liberalism/

“Those who did not leave India for Pakistan in 1948, preferred country over religion. Since for them India as a country is more important than their religion, they should be tolerated and considered as Indian nationals and not asked to prove if they are patriotic to India. If we don’t treat them well then they will turn into terrorists. The extremist and state treatment against Muslims is important to control terrorism because in the fundamentals of Islam there is Jihad”… Core Message

A story of Muslim family of two brothers,  Ali Mohammad (Rishi Kapoor) and Bilal Mohammad, who are aged brothers.  Ali Mohammad is an ex lawyer but now a religiously practicing Muslim, who visits mosque ever day morning for Prayers. Bilal Mohammad is a moderate Muslim and they both live in same house with their family. Bilal has a daughter Ayat and son Shahid who has developed extremist views through a terrorist lead Mahfooz Alam (indirectly shown as a Kashmiri) who is shown instigating and arousing youths towards the mal-treatment done by Hindus and Indian government towards Muslims, like it is said that we are not even allowed to support flood victims in Kashmir, if we do we are called Pakistani. Ali Mohammad has a son Aftab married to a Hindu lady Aarti and living in UK. Aarti calls here Aarti Mohammad and believes in both religion (Pluralism). Aarti is also a lawyer and gets into conflict with her husband, when he resists from having a child before deciding which religion the child will follow and Aarti leaves her and comes back to stay with in laws for sometime (that is in same family).

The Plot shows that Ali Mohammad (Rishi Kapoor, the main cast) is very friendly with his Hindu neighbors, he has tea with them daily, he arranges a party at home on his birthday where Hindus come with family and dance, mix gathering and even some Muslim woman do not wear Hijab and he cooks vegetarian food for them.  (Element of Liberalism in Muslims under the guise of Religious Tolerance) 

A brotherly atmosphere is there between Hindus and Muslims in Banaras city where they live (remember Banaras is extremist Hindu town as a base of RSS). Even within Ali Mohammad family there is complete religious tolerance towards Hindus and even inside family where his son is married to a Hindu lady but they love that lady and have not shown any resistance towards their marriage.

Everything changes, when a terrorist attack takes place in a Bus where 16 people get killed in which 13 are Hindus and it is found that Shahid, son of Bilal Mohammad was involved in this. He escapes but is killed by ATS officer Danish Javed. Danish is also a Muslim but intentionally kills him rather than arresting him out of prejudice towards Muslims, because he believes that Muslims should be taught a lesson.  Danish Javed makes a case against the family of Shahid, that is his father Bilal Mohammad for brewing terrorism inside him home and his family was involved in this activity and it was all done with their knowledge and support.

Bilal is arrested, interrogated and presented to court. Where the case is fought by a prejudicial public prosecutor who makes sarcastic comments on Muslims in general throughout the hearing. The case is defended by Aarti , the daughter in law of Ali Mohammad.

Let us see what message this movie has. Though overall when we see the climax the movie is supporting Muslims that not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims. There are certain bad Muslims and bad humans irrespective of religion and sect. Muslims who are living in India sacrificed their religion over country and preferred to stay back in India.

But there are subtle and subliminal messages also see across the movie that falls under Islamophobia

  1. Religious tolerance has more importance over religious values (Islamic)
  2. Muslims are liberal in principle (a hindu daughter in law , dance, music)
  3. Hatred is there within Muslims as well as they see that their own community members and families are becoming terrorists and Muslims should be taught a lesson (SP Danish Javed character)
  4. Muslims produce more children and their education level is low, due to which they suffer economically and as a result most of the families push at least one of their children towards terrorism
  5. Quran is the source of terrorism and terrorism sprouts from the teachings of Quran.
  6. Nationalism should be priority over religion for Muslims
  7. Pakistan is a key element in provoking Muslim
  8. Hatred towards Muslims in India is due to their love of Pakistan, bursting crackers when Pakistan wins cricket match
  9. Muslims should go to Pakistan
  10. Muslims should keep a close watch on their children, youths to see if they are not going towards extremism and terrorism.
  11. Kashmiri element is behind terrorism activities in India

The movie at the end covers certain subliminal messages by giving a sympathetic touch to Muslims, quoting that not all Muslims are terrorist and neither all terrorist are Muslims. The hatred between the two community should not be there, and this can end with logical thinking. Those Muslims who did not leave India should be respected because they have given priority to India over religion.

Overall the movie is good to watch for those who are not prejudicial but for those who have extremist thinking and prejudice inside them, it further arouses their sentiments, hence they should stay away from such movies

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