Year : 2019

Islamophobia: Portraying muslims as perpetrators of all violence and manipulation, while Hindu characters are painted in gentle, pastel shades.

Category : Movie/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : Islamophobia/ Muslim Cultural Practices/

During the partition of India and Pakistan, nearly 2 M people were killed and 15 M displaced from homes. There were brutal killings of innocents from both sides but what has being portrayed in Kalank is a particularly monumental level of opportunism or apathy though, at a time when India’s Muslims are being demonised by the ruling right-wing establishment and its majoritarian Hindu supporters, to tell a Partition-era story in which Muslims are the perpetrators of all violence and manipulation, while Hindu characters are painted in gentle, pastel shades.

 The Chaudhrys are residents of Husnbad where the Muslim population, represented by a politician Abdul laments the fact that though they are the majority they live as if they are a minority. Muslims are show to run a big adultery market. Varun Dhawan a Casanova by the name Zafar is an adulterer who enjoys sleeping with every beautiful woman. Adultery is portrayed as something positive. Zafar falls in love with Roop (Alia bhatt) who is a married woman. This shows how the new Indian adultery law is being instilled into minds. In one scene when Zafar is asked to drink alcohol he says he is a Muslim but he is shown throughout into acts of adultery. He is born out of adultery relationship between Chaudhary (hindu) and Bahar Begum a Muslim courtesan.

 Though Kalank on the outward is being presented as passionate love story between a Muslim adulterer and Hindu married woman, but in a subliminal way and also being explicit occasion turns towards Muslims as violent, merciless people who want to kill everyone.

URL : Last scene showing Muslims as perpetuators of violence
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