Romeo Akbar Walter

Year : 2019

Terrorizing Pakistan with Intelligence Infiltration

Category : Movie/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : Defamation/ Islamophobia/

Romeo Ali is an accountant, son of a Indian Army officer killed in Kashmir conflicts. Romeo is employed by RAW Chief to carry out spying missing in Pakistan for separation of Bangladesh (East Pakistan) from Pakistan.  Romeo becomes Akbar and enters Pakistan, gets close to the leading arms supplier Afridi who is close friend to Pak Army General. Akbar now leaks out all information about planned operation on indian secret bases in East Pakistan. When Akbar is caught by ISI, he decides to give up and carry out the mission himself to prove that he is Muslim and not India, and loyal to Pakistan. He does that with a secretive planing at the back with RAW Chief to not create damage to India. This way he gains confidence from PAkistan and spends his remaining life as a Major General of ISI in Pakistan , though at the back he still remains loyal to India and serves India.

The movie presents two main concern. First of all it shows the loyalty of Indian Muslim towards India and his betrayal in the end with Pakistan (being a Muslim country). This film presents motherhood of India as more important than faith and is conveying a message to Indian Muslims to remain loyal to their motherland, whereas at the same time, the Muslims are brutally tortured all over India. So there is a contradictory message presented by the movie to Muslim.

Romeo Ali is a Muslim but not shown as practicing, in fact drinking alcohol.

Another message which is becoming very common is India trying to show its intelligence strength to PAkistan, on how well they have infiltrated inside Pakistan, up to the level of ISI chief.  The same was shown in URI – Surgical strike, where the entire operation they have shown was based on a senior level mole inside Pakistan Army which is shown as highly corrupt.

This movie is a political dram with deep subliminal messages targeted at threatening Pakistan and to India Muslims.

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