Batla House

Year : 2019

Hatred towards Muslims - Presenting Muslim Uni Students as Terrorists

Category : Movie/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : Islamophobia/
Translate : Hindi/

Batla House movie is based on true incident of encounter which Delhi police carried out in 2008, after serial blasts in Delhi. This encounter was done in Apartment L18 in Batla house area near Jamia Milia Islamic University targeting few students living there. The police declared them as terrorists, after which a lot of noise was made by media and protests that innocents were killed. DCP Sanjeev was given award for this encounter as well later on.

The movie is again one more in the series of Islamophobia movies made by Bollywood. The movies creates a threat that Muslim students are moving towards extremism, Islamic Ideology praises people who kill innocent. As explicit shown in one scene we see DCP Sanjeev interrogate one of the suspects who, after a few light slaps, confesses his guilt, saying, “Naaz hai (I’m proud)” if some Muslim has killed some Hindus. Sanjeev takes out the Quran, holds it up to his eyes, presents it to the accused, and asks him to translate a line from it. He can’t. Then he reads the Quran and says , i cannot explain Islam to an ignorant like you (Jahil).

The movie tries to sway around for not being biased but very clearly proves that these students were terrorists and related to ISIS in the end.

In December 2019, now again the same zone of Jamia Milia is brutally targetted by Delhi Police and they have barged even inside girls hostel. This shows the hatred which is present towards this university as majority students are Muslims there.

URL : Movie Trailer
URL2 : Scene where Student says that he is proud of terrorist killing people, then DCP reads Quran
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