The Angry Birds Movie – 2 (Frenemies)

Year : 2019

Two enemies (Israel and Saudi) become friends to save their world from their common enemy who was once beloved of USA

Category : Animation/ Children/ Movie/
Language : English/
Production : Hollywood/
Target : Islamophobia/ Sex & Lust/ Zionism/

In the first movie it was the Angry Birds representation of Israel fighting against Green Pigs (representation) of ISIS and Muslim terrorists primarily indicating Saudi (in Green). Now in this episode there is an enemy to both ,  Zeta the female Eagle and ex girlfriend of Mighty Eagle.

Again the theme is “Save the World” from whom?

The movie represents how Israel and Saudi have become friends to fight a common enemy Iran. The Might Eagle has been a representation of USA and Iran in the past 50 years before was the fiancee of USA and after the revolution that came in Iran they got separated and became enemies.

The movie again like other Animated movies have elements of Romance in it , as Red the Angry bird Hereo and Silver another Bird starts to develop romantic feelings and the Mighty Eagle and Zeta were already in relationship.

Parents should note that this is very high quality Animation so impact will also be high.

URL : Trailer
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