Four More Shots Please

Year : 2019

Feminism and sexual content targeted for young girls

Category : TV Serial/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Amazon Prime Video/ Bollywood/
Target : Feminism/ LGBT/ Liberalism/ Profanity/ Sex & Lust/
Translate : English/

An Amazon Prime Series with two seasons released in 2019 and Season 2 in 2020. The series is explicitly about Feminism in Urban cities of India. This product is again on the same lines of extreme Feminism and Liberal culture promoted through Indian Film media. For us these titles are of concern for two main reasons. One being a fact that 22 crore (220 million ) Muslims live in India and along with Muslims as well there are other cultures who are quite sensitive about such corruption happening through media.

This series in both seasons is totally about sexual liberation of woman. Lesbian characters, illicit relationship and masturbation by women (very prominently and continously presented now by Bollywood) which is considered as something highly objectionable even in non Muslim religious cultures of India. Promotion of Masturbation leads to very dangerous consequences of pyschological problems in youth and primarily extreme fertility problems and thus supports the agenda of depopulation.

People might say that we can protect our generation from not watching such things, but the second area of concern is such things are available on Video on Demand network. This series is on Amazon Prime and online video portals do not have any censor board regulation and they have just self certified the series are 18+. And almost all the teenagers have Amazon and Netflix on their mobiles as it costs $15 per year which makes it affordable to everyone. So how do you protect your children from not watching such contents.

We at Naazir (which literally means to Warn) are just warning you and specifically Muslim community to be aware of the corruption that is happening through media in our generations. And such kind of Feminist series at times attract our younger generation girls and can lead to disastrous consequences.

We present below the content advisory note which IMDB has given. We have not reviewed the series fully as it is not permissible to even watch such content even for the sake of warning others. Based on IMDB review itself you can just see the tip of iceberg and imagine would be inside this series

IMDB Content Advisory notes

  • Lot of sex scenes with moaning, sex noises, humping, and kissing. One of the lead actors is a bisexual. So there are also quite a few lesbian sex scenes. Also, lots of talk about sex, and sexual encounters each of the main characters has had. One example is that in one scene all the main characters scream out the word “Vagina” and its derivatives in other languages in public.
  • There is no explicit nudity but plenty of skin exposure. Men and women are often shown undressing each other before sex. Lots of caressing and thursting implying intercourse. Men often appear topless and women are shown wearing bra, micro minis and hot pants. The series portrays sexual promiscuity, extra marital sex, gay and lesbian relationships.


Use of lots of mild and strong expletives in both English and Hindi throughout the season.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Lots of alcohol consumption and smoking throughout the season. In one episode one of the main character consumes a drug wile partying in Goa which she was given without knowing what it is.
URL : No Trailer - due to illicit and absolute sexual content
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