Made in China

Year : 2019

Groundwork for RSE (Relationship Sex Education) in schools

Category : Movie/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : Child Adulteration/ Sex & Lust/

On the outward it is a story of Failed Gujarati Businessman, who jumps into unknown world of China to get once in a life time business idea, which will change his life.

In reality the story is again a mechanism to promote the liberal culture around sex education. The conventional culture of shy, shame, modesty which still prevails in India in elderly where people are reluctant to talk about sexual subjects and specifically with children.

In this movie, a Gujrati businessman gets into manufacturing a product whose raw material is imported from china. The product is  an aphrodisiac (medicine for arousing sex) for resolving sexual potency problems in man. In order to sell this product the businessman partners with a Sexologist Dr Vardi.  Dr Vardi is an old person who believes that India as a country has very high of sexual problems which people experience and due to culture of shame, modesty they do not speak out hence get cheated with sexual products. the actual problem is about awareness and education on this subject starting from school level. Eventually in the end it gets proven that man people got cured from this medicine which was fake, hence the problem was pyschological.

The movie is about building the ground for RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) which is becoming mandatory in Western countries school as per UN Mandate from Sept 2020 . And whatever West does, India has to follow them to show that they are also an advanced country. This movie is aimed in a humorous way to achieve this goal. Below is the text script of one dialogue where Dr Vardi enters in a school seminar and gets in a wrong speaking position and starts to answers parents questions in context of sex and is well receives.

Dr. Vardhi: Excuse me sir. You don’t seem well today.

SIT Member 3: Tonsils.

Dr. Vardhi: I am very sorry sir. I made you say such a vulgar thing in front of this respected committee.

SIT Member 3: What’s vulgar in Tonsils ?

Dr. Vardhi: So it’s not vulgar to talk about Tonsils ? It’s not vulgar to talk about a fractured hand ? It’s not vulgar to talk about appendix and diabetes ? Then why is it vulgar to talk about reproductive organs ? Are they not your body parts ? Do you get them installed separately, privately ? Vulgar ! We live in a country where someone has said that a peahen gets pregnant by consuming the tears of a peacock. This is how backward our thinking is.

Raghuvir ‘Raghu’ Mehta: Such people have a problem with not just human sex life but also a peacock’s sex life as well.

The movie natural contains various scenes, dialogues which are sexually explicit and profane.

IMDB Content Advisory reports

  • Much of the film follows a sexologist’s attempt to persuade Indians to talk more openly about sex.
  • There are numerous sex references, including to Viagra, masturbation, foreplay, wet dreams and orgasms.
  • A woman mentions the novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (highly erotic novel) before blindfolding her husband.
  • It’s reported that a child unknowingly gives an aphrodisiac to his classmates.




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