The Bravest Knight- TV Series

Year : 2019

Straightforward LGBT parents acceptance for Children

Category : Animation/ Children/ TV Serial/
Language : English/
Production : Disney - Hulu/
Target : LGBT/

Its an Animated series on Hulu TV (60% owned by Disney) about a young girl who wants to become a knight and is adapted by Two dads (Gay parents).  The same-sex relationships is the center or you can say the sympathetic emotional heart of this entire story and first time it has been introduced straight to Children. Directed by Iranian American Director Shabnam Rezai who proclaims to bring and spread this culture which was not possible before. The The husbands say loving things about each other, while the show overall focuses on messages about courage, compassion, and living an authentic life even though you are bought up by LGBT Gay parents.

“We’re teaching life lessons,” Rezaei says. “In The Bravest Knight, it’s an adventure about how to be a great knight, which translates into how to be a good human.” It just so happens the show ranks among the first kids’ programs to feature an openly gay lead character. It also happens that the big bad wolf of this story likes to wear women’s clothes and is voiced by RuPaul. “How great is that?” Rezaei exclaims. “Those are the things I want to talk about it.”

A few years ago, a show like this wouldn’t be possible, especially not on a cable platform. Creatives, like Alex Hirsch of Gravity Falls and Rebecca Sugar of Steven Universe, don’t shy away from discussing the roadblocks they routinely hit trying to make their network programs more welcoming of different characters. The world has since changed, but even now, Rezaei talks about trying to get The Bravest Knight to air on television in different parts of the world, and those discussions are still on-going.

“There is a whole part of the world where I don’t even pitch,” she says, noting specifically how LGBTQ people can be arrested in Iran. Another territory she mentions is Asia, where Rezaei had pitched one of her previous shows, 16 Hudson, for international distribution. One episode in particular was a difficult sell: when one of his friends is upset that he father couldn’t be with her for a Father’s Day gather, Luke, a boy with two same-sex parents, lends her one of dads so she can participate. “They said, ‘One of them is an uncle,’ which I think is ridiculous,” Rezaei recalls, but admits she doesn’t have the ability from preventing censors from doing that.

She’s confident in getting The Bravest Knight on the air in Canada, parts of Western Europe, Australia, and the U.K., but she’s still in talks.

The Bravest Knight brings important lessons about diversity and acceptance to young audiences and finally provides children who have gay parents with an animated family that they can relate to and applaud,” Rich Ferraro, GLAAD’s chief communications officer, said in a statement to EW. “The uptick of LGBTQ characters and stories across kids television shows has been met with praise from families of all kinds, and simply reflects the real world that young people grow up in today. With The Bravest Knight, Hulu created an entertaining and heartwarming show that also goes the extra mile by including LGBTQ icons like Wilson Cruz and T.R. Knight as actors.”

Explore Entertainment has given a detailed report on this TV Series which can also be seen in the PR Video Trailer where Shabnam Rezai herself speaks about her agenda.

How The Bravest Knight is turning the tide for LGBTQ kids programming


Muslims need to seriously think about “Alternate Media” else your generations are at high risk. This is being spread like fire. It would be late if you become late.

URL : Trailer - Watch the beginning of two Gay parents
URL2 : Shabnam Rezai open discusses her LGBT Agenda
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