Sex Education – Hindi Dubbed

Year : 2019

Explicit, horrible enticement of youths towards sex

Category : TV Serial/
Language : English/ Hindi/
Production : NetFlix/
Target : LGBT/ Profanity/ Sex & Lust/

Sex Education Season 1 got released by Netflix in mid 2019 and in first month of its release it got record breaking 40 Million views in first month on air which means 1.3 million streams. A teenage boy with a sex therapist mother teams up with a high school classmate to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school.

There is nothing to talk about the story or plot, it is throughout about lust, in talks, emotions, gestures and everything we cannot imaging a public media would present directly  targeted towards young generation.

Though the title says Sex Education but in reality is about sex excitation, arousing and seducing young generation. They series as per reviews presents all races , every gender, Gay, Lesbian and everything you can imagine

Even in English it became a big hit in India and Netflix then decided to come out with formal Hindi dubbed language with the most filthiest language used.

Such kind of series with 17 episodes would corrupt the mind of any pure, saintly child, teenager, youth and as per one review a 67 years old quotes that I enjoyed it the most.

There reviews across internet are all positive which shows how much damage has been done and how people have become so lust oriented. This kind of series just give one clear message to youths “Sex is everything in life and you should do  the way whatever you like , whenever you like and with whomsoever you like, there are not laws, regulations or any control on this”

As we reiterate with Netflix so easily available on mobile phones, laptops as such low cost, is it not the time when we should seriously think and work out plans to save our generations. Lust destroys intellect, it destroys connection with our creator. it takes away our faith. If we want to protect faith of our generation we need to protect them from this devilishness coming on these portals

URL : Trailer cannot linked due to profane language and scenes
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