Ek Ladko ko dekha to aisa laga

Year : 2019

LGBT - Lesbianism and Homophobic parents

Category : Movie/
Language : Hindi/
Production : Bollywood/
Target : LGBT/

The film tells the story of Sweety Chaudhary, a closeted lesbian, and her attempts to come out to her conservative and traditional family.

It was another mainstream Bollywood LGBT movie that featured a big star representing the LGBT community. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja played the role of Sweety Chaudhary, the daughter of a fun-loving and traditional Punjabi family. Ever since Sweety was a young girl, she dreamed of being a bride. But, when she grows up, she realises that although she wants to be a bride, it’s not the same way she imagined. When Sweety ends up rejecting all the suitors picked by her parents Balbir Chaudhry (Anil Kapoor) and Chatro (Juhi Chawla), they get a hint about her reason behind it.

It is later revealed that Sweety is in love with a woman, Kuhu (Regina Cassandra). While initially, her father does not take the news well, he realises that she’s the same daughter he’s loved all along. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga was the first mainstream LGBT movie since the lifting of Section 377.

Listen to the commentary from the producer of movie on the attempt she has made to promote this culture. Bollywood after Article 377 got abrogated and LGBT legitimized has been working hard to convince the conventional parents that they have to accept this as part of their culture. Very soon you will see a big rise of LGBT formal marriages taking place in India.







URL : Trailer with commentary from Director
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