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This is an interesting event that Netflix releases a movie 365 days which shows violent forced sex (rape) with woman kidnapped by a mafia don. This is presented as glamorized rape against which petition starts as this is socially harmful for woman who are undergoing Trauma of rapes and promotes more violent sexual behavior in man.

We won’t argue on this petition justifying it or denying, in fact accept it that such kind of movies should not be made. But is this the the only issue? The term “sex” has maximum number of searches on google. So from where has this culture developed? Today you are complaining about rapes, molestation and every other day we see news of Pedophilia cases where young children molested. It is the Western systems, culture and specifically the media of Hollywood which has aggressively promoted the sexual, lust culture and today you are complaining about one segment of it. If violent rape is not acceptable because it is against the will of women, so how can same sex relationships be acceptable? Are they not against the will of nature? You have promoted LGBT culture , now Sex education in school so what do you expect that people will adhere morality when lusts are aroused turning human being into beasts.  When you educate immature children on sex, how will they satiate themselves? in a civilized manner? Do you know the outcome of RSE in schools? Children , teenagers will turn into beasts and won’t even spare their own family members, blood relationship to satisfy themselves. In just next 5 years you will see dreadful impact of RSE in society.

It is high time that western societies should look at this social crisis carefully. This is a big social harm and not just limited to one movie which Netflix is presenting. Series like Sex education on Netflix can make children, teenagers sex maniac, there are loads of movies promoting LGBT. Netflix has become a den for meeting the global sexual destruction culture. Why not then Netflix is offering unlimited movies for just $5 a month because there are sponsors at the back who are using Netflix as a platform under the cover of entertainment to promote these Satanic traits which will destroy generations and achieve the highest possible depopulation which we have seen in Covid-19 lockdowns when pregnancy test kits became the most highly sold medical goods.

We all have been created with a human innate nature, just land back on your couches and think carefully. Are we human beings only created for satisfying our lust for few decades in our life or is there a higher objective behind our creation? Let us not allow our generations to be destroyed by these Satanic beasts and those who are faithful believing in divinity should be more careful and at least protect your children from this media cultural violence specifically undertaken by VOD platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime


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As a result of COVID19, I, like many others, have spent a lot of time scouring Netflix for movies and TV shows in hopes of filling the void with aimless entertainment, thought provoking documentaries, and everything in between. It can be assumed with over 183 million subscribers, Netflix has become a primary source of education and entertainment for people around the world. With the draw of so many consumers and with the abundance of free time, I have immense concerns regarding the glamorization of predatory behavior and rape culture forseen in the newly released film, 365 DNI.  In the film description, the main female character is described as the ‘victim’ and ‘prisoner’ of a ‘dominant mafia boss’ who gives her one year to fall in love with him. After less than thirty minutes, I opted to turn the movie off as I figured it would be a better use of my time to write this plea for change.

The questionable nature of the film becomes evident within the first fifteen minutes when the main character forces a sexual act upon his private jet employee. She appears afraid and reluctant to engage with him as he traps her in the back of the plane. By the end of their sexual encounter, she has tears streaming down her face. The film only continues to be more triggering and problematic from here.

As the story evolves, the events turn from questionable to horrifying when the main female character is kidnapped and held against her will. When she awakes, she is greeted by the protagonist who not only violently throws her into a chair, tries to force feed her alcohol, but then deems her as his prisoner for a minimum of a year’s time or until she falls in love with him. She continues to cry, scream, and yell demanding to be released; to which he responds by throwing her again, getting on top of her, grabbing her breast and following it up with “I won’t do anything unless you say it’s okay.” I reiterate, this is said while he is actively groping and violating her.

I truly couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was at this point I had to turn off the film not only because it was extremely triggering but I wanted to fact check and ensure it was released in 2020; after the 1970’s Anti-Rape movement and more recent #MeToo movement.  Having been released during a time when the fight for gender equality and sexual justice has been on the forefront of conversation, it is absolutely mortifying that Netflix would endorse such a film. There is nothing consensual about this relationship. This film aims to glamorize predatory and violent behavior, providing an example that if you simply ignore a woman’s pleas for help, toss her around like a doll, and undermine the importance of consent – you can do whatever you please.

Less than one week prior to 365 DNI being released, the Jeffrey Epstein docuseries Filthy Rich was released. In the Filthy Rich series, psychologists are interviewed to provide professional insight regarding the assault cases. In summary, it was stated that in a power dynamic (whether it be age, wealth, physical size, etc.) sexual acts performed by men in power to vulnerable women, are considered sexually abusive. In the film 365 DNI, both female characters [previously mentioned] are considered to be vulnerable. The first on the basis of employer/employee relationship and the second (the main female character) on the basis of being held against her will.

I am absolutely baffled that in the same week, Netflix could release one documentary about the horrors of sexual abuse in the Jeffrey Epstein case and another film that glamorizes rape culture and non-consensual relationships in the film 365 DNI.


In 2006, the #MeToo movement began with hopes of providing a voice and awareness for survivors of sexual traumas. Heroes such as Christine Blasey Ford came into public eye in 2018 when testifying against Brett Kavanaugh, survivors spoke their truth in the Jeffrey Epstein trials, nearly twenty women spoke up and against Harvey Weinstein, athletes spoke up about the abuse inflicted by Larry Nassar and celebrities spoke out against peers in their industry. Then there are women like me; women who have lost in an uphill battle trying to prosecute their abuser. More often than not, perpetrators of assault walk freely because the narrative that has been upheld for so many years, continues to protect them.

In 2015, Brock Turner was found to have raped an unconscious woman behind the dumpsters on his college campus. Nearly a year later, he was convicted guilty on three felony charges of sexual assault but was released after only having served three months in jail due to “good behavior.” This is just one example that further reiterates sexual crimes are often dismissed. Continuing to feed into this narrative by glamorizing the skewed power dynamic between a wealthy, powerful man and his captor further perpetuates these issues and insinuates this kind of behavior is okay and even desirable.

It is my hope and expectation that this film be removed from the Netflix platform on the basis of concern for the audience in which it will reach. Concern for trauma survivors seeing this as a potential trigger, the suggestibility that insinuates this kind of behavior is okay, and on the basis of internalized influence. We cannot continue to perpetuate the glamorization of non-consensual relationships, rape, and predatory actions in the media, as this furthers the narrative and undermines the hard work so many of us have worked towards.

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