Paw Patrol

Year : 2013

Romance and love in subliminal , subtle manner on several instances

Category : Animation/ Children/ Movie/
Language : English/
Production : Nickelodeon/
Target : Child Adulteration/ Muslim Cultural Practices/ Romance (Subtle and Subliminal)/ Sex & Lust/

Paw Patrol is a 3D animated series and also movies produced by Nickelodeon. The theme is about puppies who possess different talents and together as a team work they rescue problems faced by neighbors and even animals. The theme is non violence and non scary. Very high quality animation is used which makes it very attractive for children. The theme in general gives positive message of communal spirit , team work and perseverance. But we have to remember it is “Nickelodeon” a Japanese venture now with a big USA share, hence it would be tough to believe if there is nothing subliminal and subtle in this.

This series of puppies also have elements of female puppies and then two character Kate and Rydie also exchange smiles and scenes which sends clear signals of their attraction towards each other. This is the way this effects the mind of children , specifically young. Remember with Relationships Sex Education becoming mandatory from Sep 2020 in schools in West, such scenes matter a lot in getting chidlren excited

We have post some Youtube links where some romantic songs have been made by some singers and they have used video clips from Paw patrol scenes on it. This shows the element of romance present in this children series (See our links) reports 62 pages of such information presenting detailed information about the scenes and episodes in which these are present (Click on the image below to open the pages)

So its all about Dogs!

The content of Paw Patrol is all about dogs. The classic color combination appeasing children made to child psychology, high quality rendering makes it look real and the puppies are designed to look so smart, elegant that there won’t be a child who would fall in love with these puppies, get admired by dogs and dogs which are considered impure in Islam , should not made as pet (except for security concerns) would become dear to the children and this is what is the Western culture, where Dogs are part of life.

Why would they want us to love dogs this much?

The primary reason of close affection towards dogs in west is isolated life full of distress. When there are no family values the bonds break, when there is no religion there is no higher objective in life. So everyone is on their own, the children leave their parents as they grow young and divorces make parents separated and isolated, man and women relationship is all about physical needs. In this situation people want to live with pets who become a company to them. They take care of pets and try to compensate the loneliness and deprivation from family members. Hence dogs , cats are part of culture in West and they have more rights then human beings as well.

Infiltrating such a culture in Muslim societies disturbs or leads us as well towards a broken or destroyed family system. This is common with Muslim families as well in West, hence getting closer to dogs, liking them is something which supports the penetration of Western culture. You can see many Muslims keep dogs in West as compared to East or in Muslim countries or largely populated Muslim states.

Paw Patrol is no doubt a very high class, high quality product and on the outward makes your children develop some community cooperation spirit but who are the role models? The puppies! This means human beings do not come to rescue each other in need, the dogs are there to help. It’s a food for thought on how such themes play on with the thinking and mindset of children

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