Cuties (from Netflix)

Year : 2020

RSE - Feminism and Islamophobia

Category : Children/ Movie/
Language : English/ Other/
Production : NetFlix/
Target : Child Adulteration/ Feminism/ Islamophobia/ Muslim Cultural Practices/

Cuties is a movie about a 11 yr old Senagelese Muslim girl who is trying to grow out of orthodox Muslim culture into a sex oriented Western liberal feminist culture. The plot revolves around a French-Senegalese girl with a traditional Muslim upbringing who is caught between traditional values and Internet culture. According to the filmmakers, the film is intended to criticize the hypersexualisation of pre-adolescent girls (though this is not the truth)

The entire agenda behind the film is RSE (Rights to Sex education for Children). As RSE kicks off formally in schools from Sep 2020, the ground is being well made for parents to understand what goes through with young children (in this case girls) in their pre-adolescent age. They should be exposed to mobile phones, internet so they have the freedom to enjoy the sexual feelings they develop and not be pressed by the traditional culture (which here is Muslim).  The reports below from IMDB and Commonsense media itself is enough to understand what has been filmed here.

This films prepares the minds of teenager children for rapid sexual growth. They are getting the parents ready to accept RSE and let children learn about such things at an early age. They want the children to break the cultural norms in family (specifically Muslim). And interestingly in a subliminal manner they have presented that a married Muslim man with a 11 yrs old daughter is getting formally married to another woman, whom he is going to bring inside the same one room house where his first wife and daughter lives. The first wife is preparing for her marriage to attend and they all have to accept this as a culture but 11 yrs old daughter disapproves this step and does not attend the marriage. This is how West is portraying Islam and trying to get liberty to children towards their sexually oriented culture.

The second subliminal theme that goes under the arms is pedophiles that is child sexual molestation. This has been a big crime and something unnatural till date just like LGBT was since 50 yrs but now it is something natural. They are going to make pedophiles also legal soon and for this such grounds are prepared. Pedophiles are in big numbers in Western world (even in Asia) and with such movies you are enticing them to further get attracted towards children and eventually you declare this as natural and rights of children if they want to enjoy with elders.

Netflix has become den of scorpions and poisonous snakes in form of content specifically for spiritual and faith communities like Muslims. They should ensure that Netflix is not present any device of their children or even at homes on your Smart TVs, even by mistake the children should not get access to any Netflix paid account, remember its end of story.

It’s a French production, a country which has high degree of Islamophobhia. The movie has already crosses 0.5 billion $ revenue on box office. There is also a very heavy criticism from various segments of society against Netflix. The film is trending at 100% popularity on Google search primarily from US, Canada and Western world. The Muslim world and India, Pakistan have very low popularity on search, this is also very dangerous that Muslims are not concerned on what is coming on Netflix specifically in country like India where Netflix has been a Tsunami it is shocking that the popularity index on google search is 14. And that’s the reason that the film has received 86% approval rating on Rotten tomotoes and most of the review sites have given 4 out of 5 positive reviews. This is where the Western world is heading towards and eventually destruction comes towards Muslim world.

We won’t hesitate to quote that as a very cautious parent if you watch this movie then you might learn for sure how internet culture is ruining our generations.

Story Plot from Common sense media

CUTIES centers on Amy (a magnetic Fathia Youssouf), who comes from a traditional Senegalese family. She’s just moved into a new apartment in Paris with her mom (Maïmouna Gueye) and two brothers. They’re awaiting the arrival of Amy’s father — and, it turns out, his soon-to-be second wife. When Amy sees a neighbor girl her age, Angie (Médina El Aidi-Azouni), dancing suggestively in the apartment building laundry room, Amy is intrigued by how different Angie’s life seems to be from her own. Amy starts spying on Angie’s group of friends, which goes by the name the “Cuties,” as they get in trouble at school and practice a sexy dance routine in an abandoned area after school. Amy and Angie become friends, and Amy slowly joins the group. She learns the girls’ dance routine for an upcoming competition and adds new and even racier moves based on videos she finds online. Slowly, Amy begins adapting new manners and styles to fit in, all of which she tries out on social media. But it seems that the closer she gets with the girls, the farther she feels removed from her traditional upbringing and community. Her father’s upcoming wedding and the dress he sent her for the occasion are symbolic reminders of how much things are changing in Amy’s life. When Amy takes things a step too far, she finds herself on the outside of her family, her community, and her new friend group, and she’ll have to figure out what her path forward will be.

Sex and Nudity content as reported by IMDB content advisory

  • Children are watching pornography on a cell phone. Nothing is shown, little girls are huddled around a phone and talking about what is going on.
  • Frequent scenes of 11 yr old girls dancing lewdly where the camera pans in and zooms in on the children’s buttocks and midsections.
  • A scene where an 11 yr old girl dressed in a tank and panties is splashed with water and begins twerking in a frenzied kind of way. On her feet bent over, on her knees, and on her hands and knees. Camera zooms in on her buttocks as she positions on all fours and twerks.
  • Four 11-year-old girls use one’s laptop to access a cam site. The male on the other side is unaware but is disgusted as soon as he realizes it.
  • 11 year old girls dance suggestively in front of a live adult audience. This is portrayed in a negative light, as the audience boos and shakes their heads, clearly disapproving.
  • An 11 year old girl finds a condom on the ground outside and blows it up. The girl then puts it under her shirt to pretend it’s a breast. The other girls scream and yell at her about how gross it is to touch the condom. The girl at fault says that she didn’t know.
  • When caught with her cousin’s phone, an 11-year-old girl locks herself in the bathroom, pulls down her pants and snaps a picture of her private area before publishing it online. No nudity is actually shown.

As reported by other sites

Amy is fascinated by her disobedient neighbor Angelica’s twerking clique called Cuties, an adult-style dance troupe which has contrasting fortunes and characteristics to Mariam’s religious (Muslim) customs, values and traditions. The pre-teens practice for a competition and do not hesitate to adopt revealing outfits in the image of their older competitors. Encouraged by success and the quest for recognition on social networks, Amy decides to incorporate into the choreography gestures of sexually suggestive dance moves that she has seen on videos.

Following a humiliation at school, she sends a compromising photo of her vulva on social networks, which causes her to be rejected by her classmates. Following a quarrel with the rest of the Cuties, they ban her from performing with them at the dance contest.



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