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Year : 2020

Child adulteration with malpractices

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PJ Masks (French: Pyjamasques) is a French-British-Canadian  interactive computer-animated superherochildren’s television series . It is  a preschool series that centers on three young superheroes who fight crime at night and live otherwise normal lives during the day.

All they do is to fight the villains with their super powers. The villains does all bad with their criminal mind. PJ’s is there to make things right with their Super Powers. Their parents let them roam whenever they want and even let them leave their homes at night. They have their own way of making things right.

This means, kids should live their own way of life. Making things right in their own way without relying or guidance from elders/parents. This is a hypothetical series which has no relation with real life. As in real life, people don’t have superpower. They have to make decisions with their own manly power. Also, kids shouldn’t be allowed to do things their own way. They must be guided by the elders to lead the real life with ethics and morals.

In short, the audiences complains that this series make the kids habit of violent behavior, name calling, and thinking themselves of being superheroes rather than living in reality.

The series very often refers to the theme of world domination.

Future Alert:  PJ Masks being a Disney Junio sponsored series and a British-Canadian production and all these entities have a clear commitment towards LGBTQ they will in future start to introduce LGBTQ messages withing this series. Disney Junior has reported to introduce four new characters in the next season.

We have some reviews listed from various sources worth reading and make your own decision about how safe it is for your children to watch is sometimes, all the time or never.


Letting PJ Masks run the country would be a truly terrible idea:

This is because PJ Masks are three sleep-deprived children who think night time is the right time to fight crime, as opposed to the right time to get some sleep, let their brains grow. PJ  Masks are insomniac brats who rely on magic to turn them into an owl, a cat, and a lizard. If Cummings thinks the government would be improved by cold-blooded, sociopathic regurgitators of bone fragments, then it’s just possible he’s playing for the wrong team.

As a rule of thumb, every parent knows that child-based television with adverts is best avoided. It only ever leads to more plastic, and the sort of magazines that cost the same as Vogue but are less educational.


The show follows three young children that, at nighttime, become superheroes when they put their pajamas on. Sounds pretty cute, right? That’s what I thought when I first saw this show, but then I actually sat down and paid attention to what was going on and I’ve got to say, the negligence of the parents on “PJ Masks” is downright criminal.

These children, maybe 7 or 8 years old, are allowed to leave their houses in the middle of the night and go fight crimes. The parents have no say and just let this happen. Where on Earth is this ever a good idea? Why would you let a child go out into the streets in the middle of the night. That is the whole point of the show. These kids turn into superheroes when they go to bed and put their PJ’s on. I say again, this is insane! And the parents just let them go, I DON”T GET IT!

Common Sense Media

User review: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/tv-reviews/pj-masks/user-reviews/adult

  1. When my son first started watching this I thought it was cute. I realized when he started acting like the villains and name calling he was getting it from PJ Masks. I don’t think there is any educational messages in the show. I am not letting him watch it anymore. Overall very disappointed!
  2. We no longer allow PJ Masks in our house. The child villains use a disappointing variety of name calling. My 5 year old has called her sister a bo-zo as a result. She picked up on the theme song and the bad behavior…
  3. PJ Masks is one of a recent spate of shows to emerge from Disney Jnr and Nick Jr with no educational value and is pure mindless entertainment with the explicit purpose of toy sales. In PJ Mask the storyline is completely indiscernible, if it exists at all. It consists of superheroes running around to save the day, from what – who knows, who cares.
  4. My son (3 in October) got into PJ Masks and at first it seemed harmless. I watched the episodes with him and didn’t really think anything of it. Then he started hitting and kicking more, which was very unlike him. We realized that the behavior really started once he started watching PJ Masks. We took away the show and the behavior stopped. I really don’t like this show. It is basically about fighting and there is nothing beneficial for kids!


** Somehow, these kids turn into superheroes at night to fight their classmates who turn into supervillains at night. How do they become these heroes/villains?

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