Children living in world of Imaginations and fictions could turn fatal

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On 31 May 2015 Payton Leutner  (on left in pic below) was stabbed by her two teenage friends (girls) Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier (on right) as she was not believing in a fictional character “Slender Man”. They stabbed her 19 times in an attempt to prove the fictional character Slender Man was real. Luckily, Payton crawled to a road where she was found and she then recovered after six days in the hospital.

Our children do need entertainment which befits their level , but if everything becomes imaginary, fictional and by continuously watching fictional content then imaginations turn into reality and realities of life gets lost. They always expect whenever there is trouble some Superman, Spiderman, Batman or Baalveer will fly from skies to help us. They forget the realities of life that man has to develop determination, conviction, courage, perseverance to stand against troubles, difficulties and challenges.Our God has made ever human as superman and that superpower lies inside the Fitrat (innate disposition) of humans.

The fictional world has also weakened the children from inside. Your child today might be scared to walk in the drawing room at night alone. They are afraid of zombies and ghosts coming up. In the ancient tales also fictional characters were used like animal folk tales but they were used to represent the realities, traits and attributes of human beings through animals, but now everything is out of context and absolutely unreal.

At the same time there is no ethical nurturing of children. They develop all traits like ego, hatred, envy amongst them and the story of this girl Payton Leutner is about this only. When her two friends would narrate stories about a fictional horrifying character “Slender Man” she went to her mom to confirm and when her mother told it was not real , she argued with her friends as these fictional stories were making her scared. The envy and ego went to such an extent in her friends that they stabbed her with a 5 inch blade for 19 times.

Cartoons, Animations are for fun, entertainment for children but at the same time they should not take them away from realities instead these should be a means to bring them near to realities of life. It is like when you give a bitter medicine to a child they don’t like so the doctors mix it with a sweet syrup. Entertainment for children should be like a sweet syrup which treats and develops the children personality.

Our God has created us to become perfect human beings in this world which is a transit stage. The seeds of this garden of perfection are placed inside us but these seeds need to be nurtured. You need a gardener, you need water, you need sunlight and protection from pests and birds. Same is the case with us human beings and specifically when this nurturing starts from even before birth. So you need a good atmosphere also for our children and such kind of imaginations, fictional content which our children watch most of the time and keep on watching has a direct impact on their character development.

The world is moving too fast and we cannot leave our children at the mercy of money monger imperialist corporations who don’t care anything about humanity of children and would present anything, everything where they can suck money out of people. So be careful and think seriously we need to protect our children. This cannot be done by secluding them from what they need but giving them an appropriate alternative.



URL : Full News Report confession by Payton in 2019
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