Children are divine Trust (Amanah)

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We consider children as a blessing, bounty, heirs but have we ever thought that they are divine trust (Amanah)?

Children are entrusted to us by our God as divine trust (Amanah). Whenever anyone keeps with us anything as trust, it is responsibility of the Trustee to protect it, take care of it and hand it back to the owner in the same form as it was given.

Allah blessed us with children as pure, innocent, free from sins and impurities. It is our responsibility now to protect this divine trust by preserving their innocence, safeguarding them from all impurities till they reach maturity. Then only we can answer to our Lord that we have delivered our rights of his trust. But if these children due to our negligence, carelessness become impure then this would be treachery with divine trust.

It has been narrated from members of family of Holy Prophet (s) that “The right of your child is that you should know that he is from you and will be ascribed to you, through both his good and his evil, in the immediate affairs of this world.

You are responsible for what has been entrusted to you, such as educating him in good conduct (husn al-adab), pointing him in the direction of his Lord, and helping him to obey Him.

So, act toward him with the action of one who knows that he will be rewarded for good doing toward him and punished for evildoing”

Today our children are under various attacks of impurities coming from atmosphere inside our homes, the culture outside, the schooling systems and media which they watch. They are confused with pluralist and liberal form of sceptical religious teaching.

They are getting exposed to lustful education in schools from an early age of 4 yrs. and cartoons, animations which they watch mostly has subliminal content of lust even to the extent of same gender parents. Our children would become what they see or what they are exposed to. The divine trust granted to us should move in a divine direction and if the direction changes then we as parents are the first to be blamed.

This generation of our children are the most oppressed unlike past generations because the exposure to evils, impurities, filth was never to the extent which it is in this era of internet, TV and media. They are under a 360 cultural onslaught which directly aims to destroy their spirituality which means the divine trust with us in danger.

So, it’s high time that we should seriously think about how to protect this divine trust before our Lord questions our accountability.

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