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Shin Chan

Preaching disobedience in children, sexual orientation and profanity
/ Production :Japan
ShinChan Shinnosuke Nohara, A.K.A. Shin-chan, a combination of…

Arthur - Episode "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone"

Gay Marriage of Teacher
/ Production :Hollywood
“Arthur,” the longest-running animated series for children…

Big City Greens

Gay Couple characters across the series and its promotion
/ Production :Disney
The adventurous life of Cricket Green, a country boy who moves…

16 Hudson (Preschool Series)

Gay Parents shown on multiple occasions
/ Production :Canada
16 Hudson is a new animated show for kids of pre-school age.…

The Bread Winner

Islam portrayed as extremist religion and succumbs women rights
/ Production :Canada
Story is about Taliban regime, where they do not allow women…


Educates miserliness as positive trait with obscene lust and nudity scenes
/ Production :Japan
Hagemaru, is a Japanese series published in comic books from…

Andi Mack

Teenage Pregnancy , Teenage Romance and LGBT
/ Production :Disney
A contemporary coming-of-age story about a girl who's trying…

Beauty and the Beast

Children movie with main theme of love and moment of Gay scene
/ Production :Disney
A young prince, imprisoned in the form of a beast, can be freed…

The Angry Birds Movie

The reasons for why Zionists are angry on Muslims
/ Production :Hollywood
Angry Birds started with a game of certain birds who are angry…