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Batman v Superman

World does not needs God (supernatural) now, technology is enough
/ Production :Hollywood
Man is always in pursuit for a supernatural being for help.…


Minions are representative of Jews whom the world wants to wipe off
/ Production :Hollywood
The "revolutionary" minions: Kevin- the leader, Stuart- the rebel…


Technology is superior, misbehaving child and in subtle romance relationship
/ Production :Japan
Doraemon is a Japanese anime character; specifically, a robot…

Oggy and Cockroaches - Hindi Version

Slang language learnt by Children - Misbehavior
/ Production :Viacom
The actual series in English is without voice, but in the hindi…

Frozen (2013)

A character is shown having a Gay family - Disney gradually moves to support LGBT
/ Production :Disney
Frozen created a big craze among girl kids. It was an addiction.…

Peppa Pigs

Pigs are training kids Anti social behaviour
/ Production :British
250+ Episodes since 2004 and continues. Spoilt kids, a bullied…

Chotta Bheem TV Series

Illogical and Indian Cultural Training for Children
/ Production :Bollywood
Chotta Bheem is a TV series that started in 2008 where in Bheem…

Simpsons Movie

Sex scenes and profane language
/ Production :Hollywood
As per internet reports, following sex and nudity elements are…


Conservative nature of Islam or Arab culture and the American fascination with the exotic woman.
/ Production :Disney
Walt Disney has movies based off of various exotic cultures one…