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Patriot's Day

Flaming hatred against Muslims in America and has global impact
/ Production :Hollywood
On April 15, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts, Police Sgt, Tommy Saunders…

Batman v Superman

World does not needs God (supernatural) now, technology is enough
/ Production :Hollywood
Man is always in pursuit for a supernatural being for help.…

Kapoor & Sons

Acceptance of LGBT by Indian traditional families
/ Production :Bollywood
Story of a dysfunctional family with a Grandfather Mr Kapoor…


Liberation of Women from traditional family life into entrepreneur
/ Production :Bollywood
Piku is story about a financially, socially and sexual independent…

American Sniper

Muslim Enemy shown on screen as mirror image of Muslim enemy off screen
/ Production :Hollywood
American Sniper follows the story of Chris Kyle the most lethal…

Margarita with a straw

Promotion of Sexual culture, LGBT (Lesbian) with Muslim girl involved
/ Production :Bollywood
Laila is a teenager with cerebral palsy, studying at Delhi University.…


Acceptance of LGBT and Empathy towards Gays and Gay rights
/ Production :Bollywood
It’s a story of gay rights, filmed at the time when Supreme…

Bombay Talkies

LGBT - Gay relationship
/ Production :Bollywood
Bombay Talkies was anthology which brought together four Bollywood…


Islamophobia and Glory for American people
/ Production :Hollywood
Zero Dark Thirty tells the story behind the U.S. government’s…