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Children are divine Trust (Amanah)

/ Production :
We consider children as a blessing, bounty, heirs but have…

Confronting the Social Media Menace

Part 2 – Reduce engagements - Do not become a slave of notifications and alerts
/ Production :
Part 2 – Reduce engagements - Do not become a slave of notifications…

PJ Masks

Child adulteration with malpractices
/ Production :Disney
PJ Masks (French: Pyjamasques) is a French-British-Canadian …

Cuties (from Netflix)

RSE - Feminism and Islamophobia
/ Production :NetFlix
Cuties is a movie about a 11 yr old Senagelese Muslim girl who…

Paw Patrol

Romance and love in subliminal , subtle manner on several instances
/ Production :Nickelodeon
Paw Patrol is a 3D animated series and also movies produced by…

Petition against Netflix film 365 days for glamorizing Rape

/ Production :Nickelodeon
This is an interesting event that Netflix releases a movie 365…

The Bravest Knight- TV Series

Straightforward LGBT parents acceptance for Children
/ Production :Disney - Hulu
Its an Animated series on Hulu TV (60% owned by Disney) about…

The Angry Birds Movie - 2 (Frenemies)

Two enemies (Israel and Saudi) become friends to save their world from their common enemy who was once beloved of USA
/ Production :Hollywood
In the first movie it was the Angry Birds representation of Israel…


/ Production :NetFlix
Bodyguard tells the fictional story of David Budd, a heroic but…