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Cuties (from Netflix)

RSE - Feminism and Islamophobia
/ Production :NetFlix
Cuties is a movie about a 11 yr old Senagelese Muslim girl who…

The Angry Birds Movie - 2 (Frenemies)

Two enemies (Israel and Saudi) become friends to save their world from their common enemy who was once beloved of USA
/ Production :Hollywood
In the first movie it was the Angry Birds representation of Israel…


/ Production :NetFlix
Bodyguard tells the fictional story of David Budd, a heroic but…

Batla House

Hatred towards Muslims - Presenting Muslim Uni Students as Terrorists
/ Production :Bollywood
Batla House movie is based on true incident of encounter which…
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Romeo Akbar Walter

Terrorizing Pakistan with Intelligence Infiltration
/ Production :Bollywood
Romeo Ali is an accountant, son of a Indian Army officer killed…
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Islamophobia: Portraying muslims as perpetrators of all violence and manipulation, while Hindu characters are painted in gentle, pastel shades.
/ Production :Bollywood
During the partition of India and Pakistan, nearly 2 M people…
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Islamophobia related to brewing terrorism within Muslim families
/ Production :Bollywood
“Those who did not leave India for Pakistan in 1948, preferred…


Arousing the extremist Saffron bands to fight against Muslims
/ Production :Bollywood
The plot is about a narrated true story of Battle of Saragarhi.…
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Aladdin Movie (2019 Remake)

Islamophobia through barbarism is promoted
/ Production :Disney
Disney’s popular live-action remake of its classic animated…